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A Road Trip is what you seek for, but don’t want to drive it by yourself? Then, you can be worry free while relaxing in your vehicle. Because someone else will drive you through the whole route. Our travel agency in Delhi will provide you a perfect dream trip with its highly functioned vehicle range and professionally trained drivers. From Luxury to affordable, you can put your hands on any variety. A luxury traveller on rent or 11 Seater, 12 seater tempo traveler, 9 seater Maharaja 1x1 tempo Hire in delhi, 9 Seater minivan hire delhi.

Our premium rental cars are available for your adventurous road trip. All you have to do is contact us and rent your favourite vehicle.Our travel experts are here with 24/7 support to guide you through the entire booking process. Answers guarantee you a comfortable road trip.

The package to hire a vehicle by TempoTravellerHire is quite reasonable per km. We provide customized tour packages as per your interests. A 9-seater Tempo Traveller has enough legroom with comfortable seats and convenient trip. So affordable that you can bring your entire family on your trip.

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List of Tempo Travellers Available For Rent

Semi Sleeper Tempo Traveller
16 Seater Tempo Traveller Rent in Delhi
8 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller
15 Seater Tempo Traveller Hire
12 Seater Deluxe Tempo Traveller Delhi
9 Seater Luxury Maharaja Tempo Traveller
12 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller
9 Seater Premium Tempo Traveller

What is Difference Between Tempo Travellers

Confused about the variety of cars to pick from? You must be unsure. Right? Let’s do a comparison between each car. And we are here to simplify it! Always choose the car that meets your preferences and needs. Start by comparing the services, prices and seating arrangement, and driver. This list contains all the information about each vehicle for you to consider.

Basis of Comparison Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller 9 Seater Premium Tempo Traveller
  • Wi-Fi for your convenience all the way.
  • Adjustable leg space as a perfect amenity.
  • Glass/Bottle tray with every seat 
  • Smooth traveling even on rough terrain.
  • Adjust your seat inclination accordingly.
  • Wi-fi for continuous entertainment.
  • Fridge/Ice Box/Air Suspension to keep your edibles intact and safe
  • Rear-wheel for Passenger Comfort to keep you safe, secure and confident.
  • Charging Points so that your mobile phones stay alive.
  • TV screen for all together screening. 
  • Recliner Car chairs with sliding to assure relaxation.
  • Capacious luggage storing
  • Arrangement for first-aid and basic care supplies.
  • DVD and LCD, your daily soaps shoul'nt miss.



  • Luxury Seat that make you king size ambience
  • Modified Interiors like never before
  • Music Player that cheers you all the way
  • Pushback seats to give you extra luxury feels
  • Cream leather with wooden work.
  • Absolutely aristrocat and unique. 
  • Black leather with a touch of cream.
  • completely elite and vibing extravagance.
Rental Price(Delhi Local) 7500/- For 8 Hours & 80 Kms 7000/- For 8 Hours & 80 Kms
Some Extra Information
  • Adjustable sunshades with every window.
  • Comfortable for night long journeys


  • Tinted windows for privacy
  • AC vents all around for fresh air circulation
Drivers Certified,trained and professional chauffeur. Certified, trained and professional chauffeur. 

What is the seating capacity of Tempo Travellers?

Being one of the most popular brands of minivan, Tempo Traveller is known for occupying a number of people in India. The seating space depends on the model and its configuration. And commonly hired variants that you can find in the market are:

These numbers show the arrangement of seats and its ability to accommodate people including the driver at one time. This is how you can opt for this type of mini bus that would suit your all needs. Seats are comfortable as well as convenient. You will have the facility to customize your seats as well.

There is a special arrangement for elderly and handicapped members. Giving you comfort is our priority. This is why regularly check our interiors and all things that will be included in your tour package. Our vehicle manufacturers work on quality. We work with updated information and trends to modify our seats accordingly.

Welcome To Tempo Traveller Hire.in !!! Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi Offers

While searching to hire a vehicle like minibus in Delhi, you might find it hard to choose the best out of so many options. But At TEMPO TRAVELLER HIRE, you will have every type of facility you look out for. So, don’t go anywhere else. The immaculate range of rental travellers in Delhi are made just for your comfort. CUSTOMERS SAFETY is what we always keep in our mind while making safety measures. We always work on keeping the vehicles fresh and new.

Whether luxurious vehicles or basic, you can get the best tempo travellers in Delhi with TempoTravellerHire. Even a small traveller van booking in Delhi has a 12 seater, or a 9 seater. you name it and we get you the best luxury tempo on rent.

Our rental cars and minibuses give you the luxury to enjoy the most of your tour. No matter if you want to hire a car in Delhi for sightseeing or for tours/ Airport / Station transfers / Wedding and Outstation tours, our experts are there to assist you with your query. We will help you choose the best rental MiniVan that can best suit your requirements and budget.

Get our Tempo Traveller on Hire Services

There’s a reason why we call our vehicles the best. If you plan to hire a transport with us, you will have the most luxurious experience. Trust us, when we say that! To make your travelling a comfortable leisure time, you need to trust only the best company. Our luxury rental cars and minibuses are equipped with GPS, push back seats, Air Suspension, Fridge & WI-FI (on demand) and many more features.

Our only aim at TempoTravellerHire.in is to make your travelling experience the most memorable and comfortable.

  • Know the Best Rates for Tempo Traveller
  • Best Quality & Comfortable Luxury Travellers on Rental

Tempo Traveller Hire.in Your Ultimate Destination for Booking

Being amongst the most trusted #tempotravellerhire company in Delhi, Tempo Traveller Hire is a reputed name when it comes to vehicle renting services. We are a privately owned company and started our journey in the industry in 2006 under the able leadership of Mr. Paramjit Singh.

Reach out to the expert at Tempo Traveller rental today, tell them all your requirements for a tempo traveller on rent. Tell us whether you want to rent a 12 seater or a 9 seater, we will make sure your requirements are fulfilled as per your request within your budget.

01 9 Seater Luxury Maharaja Traveller

The 7-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller van is for seven people are ideal for a small family or a small business group, holidaying in Delhi. 7 / 8 seater Tempo traveller available at very competitive rate in Delhi. You can choose from the AC and non-AC variants according to your need. There are push back seats, apart from DVD, LCD, plasma TV, large windows, uniformed driver and ample boot space, a roaming mobile phone with the driver and a first-aid kit in emergencies.

A larger variant of the 12 seater tempo traveller, the 12 Seater Maharaja is extremely comfortable with its long list of amenities. It has 8 push back seats, mobile charging points, leather seats, sound system, ample leg room, clean seat covers, LED screen, first-aid box, ice box and uniformed driver and cleaner. It can be hired in only AC variants.

Taking a 12-Seater Force Urbania is more practical if you're a middle-sized group out on a holiday or a few days ' excursion. Once you choose the size of tempo you want, it's easy for the travel agent to make all arrangements for you. These 12 seater Urbania are extremely comfortable, large, a lot of room to move around and are available in AC/heater variants only.

These tempos are awesome for the comfort, so all you need to do is to lie back and enjoy it. At the rear of the vehicle are couches for anyone who wants to lie down. These tempos too have leather seating, push back seats, large windows, LCD screen, music system, courteous staff, ice box, first aid kit and many more thoughtfully designed features to make your trip complete.

10 Seater premium Tempo Comes with Air Suspension, WIFI. People frequently give consideration to a number of factors when renting a vehicle for a group, including the cost of the rental, the accommodations, comfort, and safety. In that situation, a tempo traveller is the best option for both locals and visitors. It’s because of its affordable price per mile, dependable drivers, and opulent facilities that guarantee a pleasurable ride. If you choose a vehicle from this travel agency, you don't have to worry about staying within your comfort zone. Every passenger they transport receives unique consideration from them.

Tempo traveller with semi-sleeper seats features roomy boot space and luggage storage for a comfortable voyage. These tempo travellers use air suspensions on the back wheels to provide smooth operation even over rough terrain. You can charter a Sleeper Vans with semi-sleeper seats for a peaceful travel experience whether you're planning a quick interstate drive or a week-long excursion to see most of North India.


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  • Tempo Traveller Service Delhi

    If you have finalised your travel plan and want to book a tempo traveller on rent then just reach out to us. You can select from the wide range of rental cars available with us. From 9 seater, 12 seater, 15 seater, and 18 seater Minibuses, you just tell us your requirements and we will fulfill it.

    We also provide minibus and other options if you have a bigger group. Our goal is to make your travelling experience comfortable within your budget.

  • 02
  • Planning a trip outstation ?

    Our tempo traveler hire services are not just limited to Delhi, we also provide vehicles on rent for outstation trips. Whether you want to go on a short trip to Agra or Jaipur or plan to explore the beautiful history of Punjab, you can hire the best tempo travelers on rent from Us.

    We understand comfort is what everyone looks for when it comes to road trips, and to ensure that we have equipped our rental vehicles with the most luxurious features such as push back seats with the facility of adjusting as per your seating comfort. Our vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit. For customers' entertainment, we have included a DVD and LCD to enjoy music, watch movies and enjoy a gala time during local sightseeing.

    Call Tempo Traveller Hire today and let us know your requirements, our experts will assist you with the best solution.

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Looking for choices that help you avoid uncomfortable seating arrangements is always a better decision if you are travelling with your family and there are more than 8 people on board. To provide a comfortable ride, the vehicle must have enough legroom. Wherever you go, Tempotravellerhire's rental tempo travellers make sure you have a comfortable trip.

Some Useful Information For Booking

- Benefits of Hiring a Tempo Traveller

There are numerous advantages that one might get after hiring a Tempo Traveller. This vehicle is especially designed for groups. Whether you are planning a trip with your family members and friends. Here are some benefits that you'll get:

  1. Affordable, even for groups: Since the whale cost of the tour package is being partitioned among each member, each passenger will contribute without breaking his bank. Hiring a vehicle can be really cost-effective if you are looking to travel with a comfortable cab or mini bus.
  2. Spacious & Comfortable: Our Tempo Travellers are constructed in a way to offer spacious seating arrangement for both passengers and their luggages.This will ensure a comfortable journey. When it comes to longer routes, you can trust the tour packages by Japji Travel.
  3. Flexible process: If you travel with a bus route or according to schedules of Train tour, it won’t according to your convenience. You might feel the rush and discomfort in doing everything in limited time. That's why hiring a car or a mini bus will provide you much flexibility. You can customize your routes, timings, and stops without stress free. No need to worry about asking for restricted travel experience.
  4. A Perfect way to bond: In this busy lifestyle, where parents are focused on working and earning for their family and children are busy in their studies, no one has enough time to enjoy even a meal together. But traveling with each other creates a perfect bond and spreads love. THis vacation time is perfect for your friends group as well. So, make your travel moments comfortable and memorable.
  5. Safe & Secure Ride: Only a trusted service can guarantee you a safe and secure trip. While leaving your safe home and moving to a different city or town, you must be aware of all the threats that might happen in the way. So be prepared to protect your group with a reputable travel agency. In addition, make sure that the driver is knowledgeable and trained enough to know the shortcuts in case of traffic jams that might waste your time. Be aware of your surroundings.
  6. All offered Amenities: Our Tempo Travellers are facilitated with all kinds of comfortable services. At TempoTravellerHire, you will get air conditioning and air suspension services. Then, you will have a music system too for your entertainment. And, our seating arrangement is adjustable with the best parts. You will get enough legroom.
  7. Less Vehicle Hassles: The smaller vehicles like cars or cabs might fail to coordinate with the heavy traffic with frequent breaks. If you have a big group, it will take several vehicles to cover each one. And there might be a risk of losing some of the members in the way. Communicating with them might cost you valuable time. This is why it's better to get a big vehicle like a Minibus to get rid of all these difficulties.
  8. Sustainable Experience: Continuing with the previous point, booking a one spacious vehicle will also save you a lot of money and fuel. This will make you feel less guilty of damaging the environment. It’s better to think about nature sometimes.
  9. Easy Coordination: Single vehicle means no worry about coordinating with other vehicles and your group members. Everyone will be together. This is the best part. You all will make travel plans together. We suggest you play music and sing along. There are many recreational activities you can do while riding. Now, there is no need to constantly check various vehicles to ensure the safety of each member. Everything is better in one place.
  10. Customized Package Offer: What is the vehicle type you want? How many days you want to travel each stop? Which is the best route to go? Which destinations are the mains? What kind of facilities do you want? All these questions are enough to tell you about our customizable tour packages. Because we want you to feel at home.
  11. Reliable Services: Get a traveling vehicle with professional hiring services will assure you reliability. If there is any case of sudden breakdowns or damage to the vehicle, then the driver is already prepared to tackle each situation perfectly. Our service can provide a replacement as well. You can contact us anytime to tell us about your problem. No matter the situation, we will always make sure that your dream trip won’t get ruined.
  12. Local Route Expertise: The trained and knowledgeable driver at our company has years of experience and expertise of local and remote routes. They can communicate with local people as well. Our drivers know all the places to find the best food and attractions. In addition, they can even guide you about how to enjoy your break.You cna ask your driver about the culture and history of each place.

After going through each point, you can definitely hire a Tempo Traveller. This kind of vehicle is not only convenient but also popular in countries like India for a family get together trip, pilgrimages and corporate tours. So tell us about your group type and get our vehicle services.

- How to Choose the Right Tempo Traveller for hire
  1. Calculating Your Group Size:

    The first step is to identify the total number of passengers who are going to be with you on this trip. You will have a variety of mini buses to choose from. There capacity types like 9-Seaters, 12-Seaters and 15-Seaters. You can pick the one that will fit your whole group and luggage. And we will make sure that even after picking each seat, you will still have enough space for comfort and moving.
  2. Check The Required Luggage Space:

    A long trip means a lot of luggage. Not only people, count your bags too. Then, choose which mini bus type is best to keep in consideration. Don't go for less seater mini buses where you might have to sacrifice your own seat. Don't go for this uncomfortable option. You are not going on vacation everyday. So, make it special and comfortable.
  3. Plan Journey Duration:

    Rent a Tempo Traveller for your long trips which is loaded with luxurious facilities. The reclining sears will provide you maximum comfort. There are separate AC vents fitted on each seat individually. Then, you have spacious legroom.
  4. Amenities & Features:

    Make a list of desired facilities you want to have. Air conditioning and entertainment facilities like Music systems are available. LCD screens are here to watch your favorite shows. And charging stations will power your electrical devices like phones and laptops through the entire trip. Our high-end models include WiFi, ICEBOX, and Air suspension. In addition, you will get a bathroom.
  5. Expert Driver:

    Another important point is that your driver should be professional and loaded with knowledge. It's essential to choose an individual who will lead your entire journey. It's important to choose an experienced driver. You deserve to have a memorable and safe trip. There might be many hard routes and restriction that can be tackled by a pro driver.
  6. Budget Plan:

    Make sure your budget is well-planned. You can get a customizable package on vehicle hire. Contact the travel agency about your budget and preferences. Then, look out for the vehicle that serves your best interests. You will get to see a 9=Seater, 12-Seater and 15-Seater. Compare the pricing of each one. Then, pick the most convenient one.
  7. Reviews & Feedback by Customers:

    You need to check online reviews and star ratings about the company from where you are going to hire the vehicle. Read the comments made by families and friends who've hired the same vehicle. All these points will help you in getting an idea about the vehicle and service quality of the rental agency.
  8. Insurance & All Documentation:

    Your vehicle should be insured and safe with guarantee. The vehicle should be registered under government. Get all the required legal information from the rental company from where you will hire the car or mini bus for tour. It's essential to keep every information intact. There might be possibility of any unforeseen incident which might be tackled with right information.
  9. Flexible booking process:

    You can save your money and time by going for a flexible booking option to rent a vehicle. There are many offers that you might get your hands on about vehicle prices. Check all the advantages you might get by booking a travel car or minibus according to your preferences and interests. This is a perfect way to save your money by going for a pocket-friendly itinerary.
- Hiring Process

There is a guide on how to start your vehicle booking process. Then, you can go through the booking process and documentation. You can check the vehicle in person if needed.

- Costs and Charges

Our charging process is transparent. No need to worry about hidden charges or extra fees. You will clear information on basic rental, fuel charges, driver fees, and all additional costs.

Delhi To Outstation Rent For Outstation

By renting a minibus in Delhi for outstation tourism, one may see Delhi as well as the stunning locations nearby. Hire a traveler on rent in Delhi for outstation weekend excursions to discover the hidden treasures in Agra, Mathura, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or even Jammu and Kashmir to get the finest cheap discounts.

Vehicle Rentals in Delhi, IndiaRental Tips

Renting a tempo traveller in Delhi is an affordable way to travel around the city. Read our tips on how to choose one!

Choose a reliable company with good reviews.

You should only rent from companies with good reviews and ratings. This will ensure that you get a safe vehicle and that the driver knows what he's doing.

Ask about insurance and other safety features.

Make sure you ask about the company's insurance coverage before renting. If you're not covered by your own car insurance policy, you'll need to pay extra for additional coverages. Also make sure the company has adequate liability insurance.

Check out their vehicle before renting it.

You should also check out the vehicle itself. Look at the tires, brakes, lights, horn, windshield wipers, mirrors, and other parts of the vehicle. Ask the driver if there are any issues with the vehicle.

Ask about the driver's experience.

If you're not sure whether a particular driver has had enough experience, ask them. They'll tell you if they've been driving for a while or just started. Also, make sure the driver knows where he or she is going before getting into the car.

Ask about the route they will take.

You should also ask questions about the route they plan to take. This includes asking what roads they will use, how often they will stop, and when they will arrive at your destination.

Tour Booking !

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. When I Can Expect Driver and Vehicle Details After Booking?

A1. Before 12 Hours of Your Travel, we send Driver and Vehicle details.

Q2. can I Sleep in Tempo Traveller while Travel?

A2. We Have a Semi Sleeper Tempo Travellers in Which you Can Sleep while Travelling.

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