The Best Wedding Venues in Dehradun

The Best Wedding Venues in Dehradun
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  • Dehradun

You asked your better half out, and she accepted? The adventure has started! Are you prepared to arrange your lavish wedding? Wedding venues in Dehradun will fulfil your demand if you want to get married in a romantic environment. Making your vows in front of the breathtaking hills will undoubtedly make your wedding glitter even more. Dehradun is the ideal location for exchanging wedding vows because of its beautiful scenery, breathtaking views, and agreeable climate. The process of organising a wedding can take several days and nights, but choosing a destination wedding streamlines and simplifies the process. Dehradun is a must-try if you want to plan an amazing wedding that will also be remembered by all your guests.

A list of carefully chosen wedding venues in Dehradun is available here, and you should definitely look it over because these locations want to make your wedding day a great occasion that will usher in the next chapter of your life!

Five wedding locations in Dehradun

Prepare for a spectacular Dehradun wedding celebration. Here is a list of the top wedding locations you should think about using for your nuptials. Look at this!

1st-Venues- Celebration Garden

Looking for a location in the city's centre? The location of Dehradun's Celebration Garden is unmatched and ideal for your special day. This location offers two lovely farms, one of which can house 500 people and the other of which can house 2000 people. The Doon valley's breathtaking hills will surround you and your guests as you have a romantic wedding at this property beneath a starry sky. The nicest decor, a great DJ, and elegant light decorations are the features of this venue, which is located in campus parking. What more do you want?

  • Location: Prem Nagar, Thakurpur-Rd, Dehradun-Uttarakhand-248007

2nd-Venues- Orchard Banquet 

One of the most well-liked wedding venues in Dehradun is Orchard Banquet. For couples who want to have a lavish banquet-style wedding, Orchard Banquet is the place to go. It is known for offering the best services and planning the finest weddings in the city. The dinner hall has stylish décor and is completely air-conditioned. Concerned about the wedding photography? This dining venue boasts beautiful interiors and exteriors that are ideal backgrounds for wedding photos. Are you prepared for an amazing bridal shoot before the wedding?

  • Location: Drone Puri, Dharampur-Dehradun-108, Haridwar-Rd-Near-LIC-Office

3rd-Venues-Tulip Farm

Even though they say that love is built in heaven, Dehradun makes it simple to plan the fantasy wedding you've always wanted. One of the nicest wedding locations in Dehradun is Tulip Farm. Tulip Farm can make sure you have everything you want if all you have ever wanted is a magical wedding. A few of the nicest things this farm offers include a sizable banquet, plenty of parking, delicious cuisine, a scenic location, and mesmerising design.

  • Location: Haripur, Nawada-Dehradun, and Badripur-Road-Dehradun

4rth -Venues- Regenta Lp Villas Image Source: Regenta Lp Villas

Regenta Lp Villas is an opulent wedding location for couples who believe in celebrating their special moments in a royal fashion. It has the largest banqueting area in Uttrakhand and an infrastructure that is influenced by the Rajasthan dynasty. Hosting a wedding is difficult, but Regenta Lp Villas will design for you a wedding that is not only spectacular but also simple to organise. This location will absolutely wow you and your guests with gorgeous suites for your guests and fancy decor. Come here to say your vows in peace and splendour!

  • Location: Nanda Ki Chowki, Chakarata-Rd, Dehradun-Uttarakhand

5th -Venues-Palms Garden

Ever wished to get married in a location that resembled heaven? This is one of the most charming wedding locations in Dehradun, so get ready to be enchanted. Hills surround Nine Palms Garden, which at night has a magnificent appearance. Prepare to tie the knot the way you've always imagined. Your wedding will be elegant and your guests will be treated to delectable food and the best amenities under the starry sky and against the magnificent hill backdrop.

  • Location: Haridwar-Road, Jogiwala-Chwk-Off


It would be a wise decision to have your wedding in Dehradun if you are organising it. The most significant day of your life will be made even more memorable thanks to these wedding locations in Dehradun. These locations will make your wedding more special, whether it's a pre-wedding shoot or the wedding day itself. Pack your bags, send out your invitations, and travel to Uttarakhand with TravelTriangle to create lifelong experiences!


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