Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars

Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars
  • Make Your Journey Memorable With A Perfect Ride

 Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars for A Smooth Ride 

  Wedding Season is here! And you should book your vehicle in advance to avoid unnecessary inconvenience on the wedding day. There are so many elements that work you into wedding planning, and one of the most important things is organizing transportation for the bride, groom and their guests. To ensure a smooth experience, reserve your wedding vehicle well in advance. However, you should be careful about booking a wedding car for your wedding day. Here are 10 Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars you must follow, so you go through the booking process smoothly:

  10 Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars

 To make your wedding ceremony memorable. So, you need to just dance with groovy vibes. So, let’s jump right in to know about all Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars you should keep in mind: 

1 Start Early Booking

During the wedding season, vehicles get limited but their demands still chart higher. This is why it’s important to book your car in advance. Some people even book 6 months before their wedding takes place. This saves a lot of time and energy. Most importantly, you will be able to find your preferred location without any kind of compromise.

2 Determine Your Needs

What type of car do you need? If there is a big group of people, then you all can’t fit in a regular car. That’s why there are many options like 4 Seater, 6 Seater, and 12 Seater. So, book the car online for the wedding ceremony accordingly. Determine about your timing, venue, direction and other important things.

3 Search & Research

Before any wedding or occasion takes place, research as much as you can. Search about the location, traffic density and vehicle to avoid getting late for the wedding. Be alert about the route, fuel and communicate with the driver in between. 

4 Set Your Budget

Booking for a car ride is not a simple task. You must ensure that it fits in your budget. Do not go for a big vehicle where you won’t even need extra seats. Plan your budget first. In addition, there are many beneficiary options with our Advance Booking Tips for Wedding Cars. One of them is Customized Car Rental services by Japji Travel.

5 Book in Advance

After going through the above steps, you must ensure that your car is being booked beforehand. Get the proof of all details while you book your car. Avoid last-minute inconvenience of booking your car at the same time the wedding is going to take place. So, book in advance.

6 Customize Your Package

There are many options at Japji Travel to book your car in a very flexible way. You can Cars, Taxis, Tempo Travellers, and MiniBuses to book your trip. In the case of reaching your wedding destination, you can contact this travel agency and discuss your customized packages. Just make sure that you inform their consultants about your financial pocket first. 

7 Schedule Your Viewing

Before booking your vehicle, you must check the car in person. Go to your travel agency and confirm your car. Take the permission of officials and check all seats to know about the level of comfort it might give. Then analyze other parts like fuel, engine, mileage, suspension, and other things.

8 Carefully Read the Contract

While signing your contract, read every detail. Do not just scan your documents, make sure you read about each detail. There should be a cancellation policy in the file in case canceling your ride otherwise you might still end up paying for the ride you never experienced. Check about the registration of the vehicle you are going to ride.

9 Confirm your details with authority

Confirm your identity, name, phone number, email and identity cards with your travel agency from where you are booking your car for the wedding. Talk everything right away. Be active in contacting your agency, so they won’t ignore you.

10 Communicate with Driver

During your journey, talk out everything with your driver. Make sure he is professional and not an amateur. He must know about all routes and shortcuts in case of severe traffic. From your end, be ready on time. Do not make the driver wait for your arrival. Remember, it is a two way coordination for a smooth ride with wedding car hire.

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There are many benefits you will get by booking your vehicle with Japji Travel:

  1. The booking process is convenient and quick with us.
  2. Our consultants are ready with 24/7 support to guide you through the whole process.
  3. We follow transparency. There are no hidden charges. Everything is clear and you will be informed about each detail.
  4. You will get a customized tour package which fits under your budget and preferences.
  5. Our flexible process will make you feel comfortable. You can take as much time as you want to confirm your tour booking.
  6. We won’t let you feel confused about the whole plan. We are active in ensuring proper coordination.
  7. You can communicate about your problem with our consultants freely.
  8. If you need another return trip on your one way ride, do not hesitate to inform us. We will do our best to provide you a smooth ride experience.

This is what we wanted to make clear. Now you can start your advanced wedding car hire with us. 

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