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Pushkar Sightseeing By Tempo Traveller / Minibus

Pushkar Tourist Places Visit By Tempo Traveller

Pushkar is one of the ancient cities of India. It is strategically situated at the northwest of Ajmer city, the peaceful city “Pushkar” is a preferred destination of vacations and travel among the tourists and disciples of religions assembling to Rajasthan. It is located at an approximate height of 510 meters from the sea level. Pushkar is encircled by hills on three verges. The ‘Nag Pahar’, which has literal significance as Snake Mountain creates a natural boundary between Ajmer and Pushkar. Pushkar is also famous as ‘the rose garden of Rajasthan’; the principle of the well-known Pushkar rose is distributed all over the global countries. It has got a thought-provoking mythological story; an inheritance of eternal architectural tradition makes Pushkar a captivating and charming city in Rajasthan.

As per mythologies, Lord Brahma is considered to be the creator of the Cosmos released a lotus at the ground principal creation of a lake. Then the place was named after the floret, therefore, the name Pushkar came to prevail. There is only one temple of Lord Brahma in the world and that is situated in Pushkar. Hindus believe that Pushkar is the heavenly abode for their religious pilgrimage which provides salvation.


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As per the methodological believes and the sacred books, the famous and holy Pushkar Lake is defined as ‘Tirtha Raj’, the Raja or the king of all religious excursion locations. All pilgrimage excursions are believed to be completed only after the dip in the sanctified Pushkar Lake. The lake is Semi-circular in shape and with the depth of 8-10 meters approximately, there are around 52 bathing Ghats surrounding the more than 400 temples and is really an outstanding prospect to witness.


The Brahma temple clutches a superior place in the hearts of Indians; cuddled up in the striking Pushkar valley out there the Nanga Parbat and Anasagar Lake. The only temple in the world devoted to Lord Brahma, Constructed with sandstone and ornamented with silver coins, this temple can be recognized by its red pinnacle and the appearance of a swan. There is Chatur-Mukhi or four-faced statue of Lord Brahma is placed in the temple. A marble sculpture of God Sun stands custodian to the temple. Remarkably, all the other idols of the gods are barefooted, whereas the Surya or God Sun is shown wearing antique combatant’s ankle boot.


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