Secret Places In Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

Secret Places In Himachal Pradesh You Must Visit

 Himachal Pradesh is known for its magnificent landscapes, enticing hill towns, and vibrant culture. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Hidden riches are waiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers beyond the travelled roads. In this blog, we set out on a quest to find out about some of Himachal Pradesh's lesser-known, secret locations that offer a unique experience away from the tourist trail.

 Malana: Mystical Hideaway

Malana, a small village hidden in the Parvati Valley, is well known for its distinctive culture and age-old traditions. Due to its seclusion and unique social structure, the village—also known as the "Little Greece of India”—exudes a sense of mystery. Discovering the breathtaking scenery and mingling with the residents provides a window into a world unspoiled by outside influences.

The Last Inhabited Village: Chitkul 

Chitkul, the final inhabited village in the Baspa Valley, is tucked away close to the Indo-Tibetan border. The settlement offers a fantastic view of the bubbling Baspa River and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Its charm is enhanced by the Kinnauri culture and architecture, making it a unique destination for culture and nature lovers.

Barot: A Trekkers' Hidden Gem 

In the Mandi district, Barot is a tranquil valley that is a lesser-known haven for hikers. This hidden gem provides numerous trekking trails, including the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary trip, and is surrounded by lush forests and apple orchards. The Uhl River and reservoir, which offer chances for camping and fishing, enhance the splendour of the area.

Nature's Retreat, by Janjehli 

Janjehli, often known as "Mini Kashmir," is a retreat for people looking for peace in the midst of nature. This undiscovered location, which is located in the Seraj Valley, is embellished with beautiful meadows, deep forests, and alluring waterfalls. Due to its tranquil atmosphere, the area is a great place for camping, birdwatching, and restorative hikes.

Riverside Charm in Tirthan Valley 

Himachal Pradesh's Tirthan Valley is still a largely untouched gem. The valley is a haven of peace with the Tirthan River pouring alongside. Treks provide sights of a variety of flora and fauna. One such trek is to the Great Himalayan National Park. Visitors can fully immerse themselves in the culture by staying in eco-friendly or homestay lodgings.

Prashar Lake: Enigmatic Beauty

A hidden beauty close to Mandi, Prashar Lake is perched at a height of 2,730 metres. Visitors are mystified by the emerald-green lake, which is said to change colour with the seasons. The three-tiered pagoda-style temple honouring the sage Prashar gives the area a mystical feel. To reach this mysterious location, the adventurous can choose to walk through thick woodlands.

How To Enjoy

  • Experience the enchantment of Malana's own culture in the Parvati Valley.
  • Chitkul, the final village along the Indo-Tibetan border, offers breathtaking vistas.
  • Go trekking in Barot's tranquil valleys, which are surrounded by forests and apple orchards.
  • Relax in Janjehli's tranquil surroundings, dubbed "Mini Kashmir."
  • Enjoy the pristine splendor of Tirthan Valley, ideal for nature enthusiasts.
  • Discover the mystery of Prashar Lake's changing colors and an ancient temple.
  • Trek from Barot to the serene Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Trekking in the Great Himalayan National Park from Tirthan Valley allows you to see the different flora and fauna.
  • Staying at eco-friendly lodgings or homestays allows you to become immersed in the local culture.
  • Experience the magical allure of Himachal Pradesh's lesser-known sites, away from the tourist hordes.


Himachal Pradesh's beauty extends beyond the well-known hill stations, presenting hidden gems to those prepared to stray from the tourist route. These hidden locations, which range from the mysticism of Malana to the calm allure of Tirthan Valley, provide an opportunity to get in touch with nature, experience local cultures, and make lifelong memories. Therefore, these lesser-known jewels in Himachal Pradesh are just waiting to be discovered if you're looking for an escape from the ordinary and a meeting with the extraordinary.  

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