5 Haunted Places in Uttarakhand

5 Haunted Places in Uttarakhand
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Every year, thousands of travellers and adventure seekers visit Uttarakhand, often known as 'Dev Bhumi' or 'Land of God'. Uttarakhand is best renowned for its tranquil beauty and breathtaking mountain views, but it also has some spine-chilling legends to share with visitors. Because of the growing interest in ghost stories, state tourism officials have chosen to promote the concept of Uttarakhand ghost tourism and have begun study on the subject. They have discovered approximately 5 haunted locations to date, which are listed below. So be ready to learn about the most prominent haunted locations in Uttarakhand.

1. Haunted House in Sister's Bazaar

A haunted house at Sister's Bazaar, perched on the gorgeous mountains, is one of the best haunted spots in Uttarakhand that is avoided by the people who live nearby. The location is a remote forest area known for its captivating walking trails and breathtaking mountain views. This abandoned ghost house was part of a colonial bungalow. The beauty of the trail draws trekkers and visitors looking for party sites to the area. However, no one dares to visit this location after moonrise.

Location- Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, 248179

2. Ghost Rider - Mullingar Mansion

Mullingar Mansion, erected in 1825 by Captain Young, an Irishman leader of the first Sirmoor Battalion, is the oldest building in the neighbourhood. He left the opulent mansion after retiring from the army and went to Ireland. But did he really go? According to local legend, Captain Young's spirit haunts the building. They saw a rider in the grounds of this home. The place, which was once built with love, is now lifeless and decaying. Some doubt the story, but those who do hold this place at bay.

Location- Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, near Landour Cantonment

3. Pari Tibba - Fairy Hill

Can you remember where you first heard about Pari Tibba? No? Are you a fan of Ruskin Bond? Ruskin Bond, a well-known Mussoorie writer, has mentioned Pari Tibba in several of his stories. Because it is located among densely forested trees, this haunting spot in Mussoorie is subject to lightning strikes. If you visit this location, you will find countless scorched trees with grey and black lightning marks.

This hill is associated with various stories, one of which is a love story. Two lovers are said to have died here when lightning struck them. Their charred corpses were found after a few days, but their spirits continued to wander In the woods. Include this location on your list of haunted sites in Uttarakhand.

Location: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, near Dhobighat.

4. Lambi Dehar Mines - Death Mine

Lambi Dehar Mines near Mussoorie is considered one of the most haunted places in Uttarakhand. Thousands of workers became ill on a daily basis in the 1990s due to a lack of basic maintenance and safety requirements. There were no steps made to maintain the workers' rapidly worsening health. A single error claimed the lives of 50,000 employees. They continued mining lime in the suffocating environment and began coughing blood, which suffocated them to death. Following this terrifying episode, the mine was closed down, and the residents abandoned the region and went on.

The story, however, does not finish here. Those labourers' cries can still be heard late at night. Furthermore, it is said that a witch still occupies the location and roams the grounds. Mysterious vehicle and truck mishaps, as well as a helicopter crash, are thought to be the work of that witch. People in this mine have been on high alert due to shrieking cries and horrible activity. Locals even warn visitors to remain as far away from the area as possible to avoid mishaps.

Location- Khanij Nagar, Mussoorie Range, Uttarakhand 248179 248179

5. Mukti Kothari - Lohaghat

Lohaghat, located in Uttarakhand's Champawat region, is one of the most scary places in India. The Abbey guesthouse, positioned on Abbott hill, is reputed to be the most terrifying location in Uttarakhand. People living nearby have reported hearing strange noises and are reluctant to enter the cottage. The bungalow was formerly owned by a British family who donated it to help build a hospital. The hospital grew well-known, but then a new doctor arrived, claiming to be able to foretell patients' death dates.

Whenever a new patient was admitted to the hospital, he would pretend to be God and foretell when he or she would die. The creepiest element was that the patient always died at the same time and day. According to the natives, this prophecy concealed a secret. To prove his forecasts correct, the doctor would place innocent patients in a room dubbed 'Mukti Kothari' (room of freedom) and murder them. As a result, it is supposed that the ghosts of those patients still walk the bungalow.

Location- Lohaghat is located in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand.


Have you come across any cries while touring Uttarakhand? You can share your stories with state officials, who are looking for storytellers and ghost hunters eager to investigate secret haunting locations. If you're interested, book your trip to Uttarakhand with Tempotravellerhire.in and discover the intriguing haunting spots in Uttarakhand.

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