What are the Benefits of Travelling for the Traveller

What are the Benefits of Travelling for the Traveller

What are the benefits of travelling for a traveller?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word- ‘travel’? Is it the salty smell of the sea and the suntan? Or is it the challenges of the meandering hilly roads? Or is it a beautiful city with plenty of shopping to do?

Travel has different meanings to many people, but the one thing about travel that everyone agrees to is that there is an abundance of advantages of travelling by tempo traveller. These benefits of travelling are what lure you from one destination to another every time. These are what fuel you forward in your course of travel!

So, what are these benefits for a traveller?

  •  Improved physical and mental health

One of the main reasons why people travel is to attain physical and mental well-being. Remember in the past, the doctors used to advise their patients to go for a vacation to improve their health? That was legit and that is what every traveler feels after a great vacation. American Journal of Epidemiology confirms that travelling twice a year brings down the risk of heart attack and anxiety. The journey, the hiking, and the strolling around the city keep the traveller physically fit. And from a healthy body comes peace of mind.

  • Enhanced communication skills

When a traveller is exposed to the world, he or she needs to communicate with the local people to get things done on the trip. For this exchange, you need to learn either their language or a way to communicate by learning any language that is a suitable way for communicating on a global level. This not only improves your skills of communicating, but it helps you learn new languages also. At the same time, you would explore creative ways to communicate with people- like non-verbal ways of communication, mobile apps to help you, etc.

  • Better level of confidence

Travelling to a new land presents you with an opportunity to learn to deal with challenges. Be it the blocked mountain roads or the cyclonic sea wave, the confusing city alleys, or the vastness of the jungle- travelling offers you challenges that you were not prepared for. You may miss the bus with your luggage in it, lose your passport in a restaurant you just left, or simply run out of cash and need to find an ATM- no matter what, you need to be on top of your confidence to deal with these problems. You might be in a place where you do not know the language and yet, you need to take help from the local people to get out of any mishap. This is where you must be confident enough to deal with the matter. Once you have done that, back home you will be a super confident person ready to take on almost everything that comes your way.

  • Excellent sense of creativity

When you have writers’ block, travel. When you are composing a song and just cannot figure out a simple note, travel. When you are stuck with the next big idea of a photo series and cannot think of anything, travel. When you are trying to perfect your new recipe and yet cannot get the taste about right, travel. In a nutshell, travelling removes all your creative blocks and broadens your horizon by reigniting your creativity. The beautiful experiences that you go through in travel are sure to boost up the inner creativity that you possess and help you come up with your next best creation.

  • In-depth knowledge of oneself

Travelling does not only contribute to improving your knowledge about worldly affairs, but it also helps you understand yourself, know yourself better. The Hindu religious philosophies have advised that to attain true nirvana, one must know oneself- ‘atmanam viddhi’. Hence, it is important to travel- go away from your familiar bubble of comfort and spend time with yourself, put yourself to test outside the comfort zone to truly know who you are. This has boundless possibilities as all those truths that you didn’t know about yourself would be uncovered in front of you.

  • Greater tolerance towards different ethnic groups

The world is full of conflicts and most of the time it is torn apart thanks to conflicts between different ethnic groups. Most of the time, these conflicts arise because of the intolerance of some people towards other ethnic groups. This intolerance stems from the lack of knowledge that most people have about other cultures and ethnicity. Lack of knowledge often invites mistrust and alienation and subsequently, intolerance. Only travelling to different countries, meeting different ethnicities, people across races, religions, and refuge, getting to know their culture, and exchanging your knowledge with them brings about a steady level of tolerance towards people belonging to other ethnicities that are the need of the hour for attaining world peace.

  • Deeper focus on work

Daily chores and same-old, same-old does not help anyone to continue with their work properly. Sometimes to focus on your work you need to take your focus away. And, what better excuse could you find to take your focus away than going for travel? It helps you relax and it inspires you to concentrate on the true beauty of the world. The journey away from your mundane world to a land unexplored can teach you life lessons and help relax your brain cells at the same time. So, when you come back to work, you are much more dedicated and focused on your work than before. 

  • Making abundance of memories

What is your entire life other than a string of memories embracing each other? Memories are what make life beautiful and memories are what help you propel through even the most difficult times of your life. Happy memories make you truly free in a sad patch of life. Tough memories make you truly learn how to deal with life when things are not right. Memories are what make life perfect and memories are what we cherish till the end. Hence it is important to make great memories to have a beautiful life. What better can you think of than travelling to make beautiful memories with wide varieties? Be it with your loved one, or be it alone, travelling offers you great memories to make you smile even when you are going through a difficult time.


Travelling brings people closer. Travelling brings nature closer to people. Travelling helps you appreciate beauty. Travelling helps you spice up your relationships. Travelling helps you expand your horizon. Travelling helps you appreciate everything you have. Travelling makes you a better person- more giving, more understanding, more tolerant, and more connected. Hence, travelling is one of the greatest experiences of life that everyone should explore. Be it to take care of one’s health or be it to attain great inner peace, travelling is always helpful. Everyone should take up travelling to give their mundane life a beautiful story they would like to share with people someday.

At the same time, travelling helps people boost their confidence and acquire a world full of knowledge through personal experience. Isn’t that amazing? So, pack your bag and get ready to explore unknown lands and experience endless possibilities that are waiting in the world!!

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