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Driver Charges : Rs.500/-

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Client Will Pay All Taxes, Tolls, State Taxes, Parking Charges and 250 Kms Minimum For Outstation Trip

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Facility : Ac, Pushback & Sliding Seates, Semi Sleeper, Glass Tray, Icebox, WIFI

Semi Sleeper Tempo Traveller


 Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller

 Recently we have launched a Semi-Sleeper Class Maharaja Seats Tempo Traveller With 9 Seats + Driver. This Tempo Traveller has Car Chairs with Sliding and Very Good Push Back, Adjustable Leg Space, Glass/Bottle Tray with Every Seat, WIFI, and More.

9 Seater Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Will Give you a Comfort as Like Home But on Wheels. If you are 5 People Then You Can Take It as a Full Sleeper For 5 People and 1 For Seating. Most Comfortable For Night Long Journeys With Family

The term "Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller" refers to a type of passenger vehicle in India that is designed for long-distance travel and offers a high level of comfort and luxury. The "Maharaja" in the name implies a royal experience for passengers. Here are some typical features and details about such vehicles:

  1. Configuration: The Maharaja Tempo Traveller typically comes with luxurious, push-back semi-sleeper seats. These seats can be reclined to a certain extent, offering more comfort than standard seats for long journeys.
  2. Seating Capacity: These travellers can come in various seating capacities, with 9 seater option. The exact number can vary based on the specific model and customization.
  3. Amenities: These vehicles often come with features like:
    • Air conditioning
    • LED television
    • Music system
    • Charging points for devices
    • Ample legroom
    • Sliding Seats
    • Air Suspension
    • Ample luggage space
  4. Usage: The Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller is often used for tourism purposes, especially for long-distance travel by groups, families, or corporate events. They're also popular for pilgrimage tours, outstation trips, and even local sightseeing.
  5. Branding: The "Tempo Traveller" is a popular brand of minibus manufactured by Force Motors in India. The "Maharaja" and "Semi Sleeper" configurations are custom modifications done by various coach builders to enhance the luxury and comfort of the vehicle.
  6. Customization: Many providers offer additional customizations, like WiFi connectivity, GPS tracking, first-aid kits, and more.
  7. Safety Features: Depending on the model and customization, these vehicles can also come equipped with advanced safety features like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), power steering for easy maneuverability, and seat belts for all seats.

What to Avoid When Travelling with a Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller

  1. Overloading: Do not exceed the Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller's stipulated seating capacity. Overloading might put passengers' safety and comfort at risk.
  2. Obstructing Aisles: Make sure your bags and personal belongings are appropriately stored to avoid obstructing aisles and emergency exits. Clear routes are critical for passenger safety and convenience of mobility.
  3. Misusing luxuries: While the vehicle may include luxuries such as LED televisions and sound systems, be mindful of other passengers. Avoid playing loud music or movies that could disturb other travelers.
  4. Leaving rubbish Behind: To maintain cleanliness in the Semi Sleeper Maharaja Tempo Traveller, dispose of rubbish responsibly. Avoid leaving food wrappers, bottles, or other waste behind, as this can make the environment unpleasant for everyone on board.
  5. Neglecting Seat Belts: Seat belts are provided for passenger safety. Avoid failing to use them during your ride, since they can considerably lower the risk of harm in the event of sudden stops or accidents.
  6. Internal harm: Be careful not to cause any harm to the vehicle's inside. Avoid scratching, marking, or tampering with the vehicle's seating, fixtures, or amenities to preserve future passengers' comfort and lifespan.
  7. Disruptive Behavior: Maintain decorum and prevent disruptive behavior that may bother other passengers. Respect other travelers' space and privacy, and avoid creating any inconvenience during the voyage.
  8. Ignoring Safety Instructions: Follow any safety instructions offered by the driver or tour guide. Ignoring safety regulations, such as emergency exit locations or evacuation procedures, might compromise the safety of passengers during an emergency.
  9. Overindulging in Food or Drinks: While snacks and refreshments are permitted onboard, avoid indulging in food or beverages to avoid spillage or discomfort. Be attentive of your other passengers and the cleanliness of the vehicle.
  10. Disregarding Driver directions: Follow the driver's directions for boarding, disembarking, and any other travel-related rules. Disregarding the driver's directions can cause confusion and delays during the travel.  

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