Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa

Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa
  • Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa - Tempo Traveller for transportation around Goa

Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa

Goa is a perfect place for a beach vacation and you can also do a lot of cultural activities here. When it comes to beaches, Goa has the best of them in entire India. You can do just about every aquatic water-based activity here like scuba diving, playing beach games, building sandcastles, going on beach walks, and visiting local attractions. But Goa is not all beaches. There are famous temples here and national parks too. The churches in Goa are very old and are heritage places. Goa is also a party destination, where you will find so many nightclubs and discotheques.

But if you are planning a tour of Goa, then you will surely require a Tempo Traveller for transportation around Goa. You can hire a car rental also, but it will not give the same amount of satisfaction that a Tempo Traveller can give. You can book our Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa if you want a comfortable and luxurious ride in Goa. Our Tempo Traveller service in Goa is for individuals and families who want a fast transportation option and also want to travel in a group.


Tempo Traveller is the best option to see Goa

There are so many attractions in Goa, and beaches are just one of those attractions. You will find ancient churches, temples, waterfalls, river cruises, islands, Portuguese forts, and so much more than this. These places are best visited by a Tempo Traveller. When you book our Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa for sightseeing tours of Goa, you can reach all these destinations very quickly without wasting any time. You get a lot of time at these various places. A Tempo Traveller is best as it has to push back seats and ample space between seats where you can stretch your legs and rest in between different places. You can travel in total comfort in a Tempo Traveller as compared to a car or bus. Tempo Traveller is also ideal for groups who want to travel together and do not want a car where they have to travel separately.


Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa for local sightseeing

When you book our Tempo Traveller in Goa for local sightseeing tours, you visit not just the beaches but a lot many historical sites. Of course, you can visit the beaches of Vagator, Baga, Anjuna, Ashwem, Arpora, Calangute, or Palolem. But in addition, you can also see other famous landmarks of Goa like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapora Fort, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, and Fort Aguada are only some of them. You can visit Goa during the monsoon season to experience lush greenery. But winter is also the best time to visit Goa. You can check out our Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa which offers you the best Tempo Traveller and Mini Bus for all your transportation needs. You can also have the services of experienced drivers with many hours of driving experience under their belts. They have very good knowledge of local roads and highway conditions and can take you through the shortest routes.


Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa – Multiple seating options

We have Tempo Travellers with different seating capacities. Hence, groups can find the best possible Tempo Traveller where they can travel in each other’s company. You will find 9-seater to 22-seater Tempo Traveller with us for booking for your Goa tour. We also have Maharaja Tempo Traveller for extra luxury and more seats. We have the following Tempo Traveller available for rental basis.

  • 8 Seater Tempo Traveller
  • 9 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller
  • 11 Seater Standard Tempo Traveller
  • 12 Seater Deluxe Tempo Traveller
  • 14 Seater Tempo Traveller
  • 15 Seater Tempo Traveller
  • Maharaja Tempo Traveller


Why should you book our Tempo Traveller in Goa?

Whether it is for Goa sightseeing tours or any other purpose, you can always contact Japji Travel if you require a Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa. You can book a Tempo Traveller in Goa for weddings, celebrations, meetings, events, sightseeing tours, inter-city travel, and airport pickup and drop facility.


Our Tempo Traveller features

All our Tempo Traveller are the best tourist vehicles with the latest comforts and features.

  • Choice of AC Tempo Traveller and Non AC Tempo Traveller.
  • Choice of multiple pickup points and drop-off points.
  • Interiors with ample space for moving about.
  • Push back recliner seats.
  • Separate dedicated luggage storage space.
  • Plush interiors with ample leg space.
  • Headrest and neck rest.
  • Clean and fully sanitized Tempo Traveller.
  • Experienced drivers with local knowledge.
  • First-aid box.
  • LCD TV screen and Music system.
  • Clean seat covers.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can I have detailed info about the vehicle I book and see its various images before the date of departure?

A1. Yes. We provide our guests with detailed info about the vehicle they are booking. We provide images of both interiors and exteriors to the guests, along with complete information about the route, seating availability, etc. You can contact us for more details and queries regarding this.

Q2. Can I book a Tempo Traveller for a group that I am not traveling with?

A2. Yes. You can book a Tempo Traveller for a group and also for individual persons and couples. You can book seats for them even if you are not traveling with them. However, you can co-ordinate with them and give them all the detailed info about tickets, seating arrangements, vehicle number, etc.

Q3. What options do you offer for booking a Tempo Traveller Rental in Goa?

A3. When you do booking for a Tempo Traveller in Goa with us, you can have the option of choosing between AC and Non-AC vehicles. We also offer you a choice of Tempo Travellers with different seating like 9 seater to 16 seater Tempo Traveller.

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