6 Things You Can Do To Survive A Long Flight

6 Things You Can Do To Survive A Long Flight

Long-haul flights are daunting and may be worse if you have an economy ticket. We all get bored when flying on a long-haul flight. Do not worry; we have shared some travel hacks to help you survive a long flight. You can do many things on a flight apart from disturbing your neighbour. 

All these tips will make your economy flight experience change into first class. From watching movies to snacks, there are many ways by which you can make your long-haul flight turn into a good one. Always book your tickets in advance for the destination and prepare yourself for the flight.

Best Things You Can Do To Survive A Long Flight

Wear Comfortable Outfit

One of the essential things you should consider when flying a long-haul flight is wearing your most comfortable outfit. You should avoid wearing tight clothes that make you uncomfortable sitting for hours. Loose-fitting clothes are your best choice. Wear layers if you are travelling in winter to avoid cabin chill and for hassle-free travel.

Read A Book On A Long Flight

Reading a book or novel is the best thing you can do on a long flight. You can make the most use of your time and finish reading the book you left. There are different types of books that you can read depending on your preference and choice. You can download ebooks from different applications to avoid carrying a physical book on a flight.

Prepare Your In-Flight Entertainment 

Other than sleeping, there are many things that you can do to pass your time on a long flight. You can watch movies and listen to songs, podcasts and audiobooks. Remember to bring your own entertainment, like carrying a laptop or downloading movies and songs. Flight entertainment may not work, so you have to prepare your in-flight entertainment.

Take Your Own Snacks 

Many people do not like airline foods, and for a healthier choice, you can bring your own food. Get some munches, energy bars and water for your hunger. You can have a couple of drinks and share your experiences with your seatmate. Sometimes you won't get the airline food you expected, so to satisfy your hunger cravings, pack snacks.

Stay Hydrated On A Long Flight

The best expert tip to consider when flying a long flight is staying hydrated. Dehydration happens quicker on a flight compared to home as the air cabins are dry. Drink as much water as you can and apply moisturizer to your skin. Next time you are flying on a long-haul flight, remember to bring a water bottle with you. 

Bring A Good Travel Pillow And Sleep Mask

The best way to survive a long flight is to do nothing and sleep. A few things will help you get good sleep, like a travel pillow, earplugs and a sleep mask. Always invest in good quality earplugs to block the noise in the cabin. Consider the free time as a bonus and make the most use of it by relaxing and sleeping.


You should always choose a good airline and book the best seat in advance. Booking tickets in advance will provide peace of mind, and you may also get a window seat. Next time you fly a long flight, remember to consider these tips.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How To Dress For A Long Haul Flight?

A1. You should always wear comfortable and loose-fitted clothes. Men can wear a t-shirt with loose jeans while ladies can wear leggings and a sweater.

Q2. What Things Can I Do On A Long Haul Flight?

A2. The best thing to do on a long-haul flight is to do nothing and just sleep. You can also watch movies and listen to songs and audiobooks.

Q3. What Are The Factors I Should Consider When Flying A Long Flight?

A3. You can pack your own food, bring your own entertainment, wear comfortable clothes and stay hydrated.

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