5 Perfect Vacationing Avenues in Nubra Valley For A Refreshing Vacay

5 Perfect Vacationing Avenues in Nubra Valley For A Refreshing Vacay
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5 Perfect Vacationing Avenues in Nubra Valley For A Refreshing Vacay

A frosty beautiful desert which has plenty to offer its tourist is Nubra Valley. Be it an adventure trip, relaxing vacation, or exploring the scrumptious cuisine or culture- Nubra valley has it all. Nubra valley is a must-visit place if you are visiting Ladakh. The ancient monasteries, cold deserts, picturesque villages, and beautiful landscapes will surely flutter your heart. This undisturbed area of Ladakh has many thrilling activities and attractive places to relish its visitors. Keep reading to check out the best places to visit in Nubra Valley for a surreal and tranquil experience:


Panamik Village:

This quaint little town is famous for its sulfur hot water springs. It is located around 150 km away from Leh at a high altitude. To visit this place, tourists need to take a permit from the District office. It is the last frontier village with proximity to the Indo-Tibetian border.

Panamik Village is a serene town with many alluring places to visit. This town is famous for its Bactrian camels and Pashmina goats. Another captivating place in this town is Ensa Monastery. The surroundings and location of the monastery are very serene. Panamik village is famous for its woolen socks, Pashmina shawls, apple, apricots, walnuts, and also for Kashmiri carpets, and exquisite handmade items. Although there are many places to visit in Panamik village, there is limited public transportation and guest houses here. So, travelers need to plan their trips accordingly.


Samstanling Monastery:

This attractive monastery is situated in Sumer Village. Samstanling Monastery is one of the best places to visit in Nubra Valley. The Monastery has three color shades i.e Golden, White, and Red. The location of the Monastery is very pleasant. It is surrounded by enchanting landscape, beautiful colorful trees, vibrant prayer flags, and lush greenery.

The serene location of the monastery adds charisma and aura to this place. You can easily reach here by hiring a cab or bus from the main cities. Plan a trip to Samstanling Monastery to enjoy the charm and tranquillity of nature.


Yarab Tso Lake:

This is a holy lake, also known as a hidden lake. You can reach this lake by hiking uphill for about 20 minutes. The picturesque view that you will experience on the way to Yarab Tso Lake is worth admiring. The lake is very clean and it reflects the surrounding area. The quaint location adds to the beauty of this place.

Find peace as you gaze at the crystal clear lake and rejuvenate your mind. Experience peace, breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy a state of calmness at this tranquil lake.


Hunder Sand Dunes:

Among the many things to do in Nubra Valley, a camel ride is one of them. Hunder Sand Dunes is very popular for Camel safari due to its excellent dunes. Do you know the specialty of camels here? Well, they have two humps. Interesting, isn’t it? They are very different from the camels you find in other desert regions. Enjoy the popular Bactrian camel safari along with scenic views.



In this little town, you can explore the delectable cuisine and local culture. The apricot trees surrounding the surreal landscape give the best tranquil views. Turtuk is one of the ideal places for nature lovers. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and mixed cultures as this is the last town on the Indian border.

No doubt, Nubra Valley is an excellent place to plan a vacation. Next time you plan a trip to Ladakh, do not forget to add Nubra Valley to your itinerary. Explore this offbeat place and enjoy a surreal vacay experience.

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