Delhi To Manali One Way Tempo Traveller

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  • Pickup From Delhi and Drop at Manali City
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Delhi To Manali One Way Tempo Traveller

Manali One Way Tempo Traveller Service From Delhi Airport / Station


 Delhi To Manali One Way Tempo Traveller Hire Service

 Aren't you tired enough of the same old boring routine? How about taking a break? And that too amid mountains? This is your call to explore the beauty of Manali. the gem of Himachal Pradesh!

 But the question is, how to get there? TempoTravellerHire is the solution. forget the hassles of public transit with our convenient and comfortable one-way Tempo Traveller rental service!

 A perfect Pickup From Delhi Airport and Drop at Manali City. The distance between New Delhi and Manali is approximately 558 km. This is where we will pick you up from Delhi railway station/airport and drive you to Manali. It would take around 15 hours from Delhi to Manali one way till reaching Manali.

Itinerary: Delhi To Manali (One-way Trip)




Pick up from Delhi Airport/Railway Station


Departure from Delhi to Manali


Travel time: Approximately 15 hours


Arrival in Manali City

Manali & It’s Popularity

The appeal of Manali is very much known to the tourism industry. Tourists prefer to visit this place once in their lifetime. And why won't they? And the people of Delhi won't miss any chance to visit Manali. Let's know why:

1. Breathtaking Scenery: 

Manali lies in the absolute beauty of the Himalayas. Now, imagine all those snowy mountain peaks at Rohtang Pass. And then you will come across the lush green valleys like Solang Valley. and it will be followed by flowing waterfalls. It will be convenient. The panoramic glory of mountains appeals to enthusiasts of mother nature, dedicated photographers, and anybody looking for a retreat from urban wilderness.

2. Adventure Playground: 

Manali is heaven for adventurers. The winters here are all about Skiing and Snowboarding. And if you're looking for summer activities. Then, you go for Paragliding, Mountain biking, and Trekking. This variety of activities attracts a huge crowd. And those who are searching for active vacation should go here for sure.

3. The Rich Culture:  

Enter Manali and get captivated by its richness. The richness we are talking about is Culture. Let's begin this journey with divine feelings. Visit the holy Hidimba Devi Temple. Then, you can take a good visit to the vibrant local markets. Get ready to enjoy the people's warm welcome. Beyond the natural beauty, this cultural element enhances and enriches your time away.

4. Soothing Weather: 

Manali provides a cool yet soothing relief to your soul. Taking a break from the busy life of Delhi and coming to Manali is the best decision you can ever make. Visiting Manali in the hot summers of Delhi is a must. The cold breeze of Manali mountain will give you ultimate relaxation.  

5. Accessibility: 

Since the distance between Manali and Delhi is just 540 km, it is close and convenient to reach a mountain area from Delhi. Select from numerous transportation options. It ranges from Luxury Mini buses, Private cabs, and even exciting road excursions. Everything is important for a hassle-free vacation.

Why Choose TempoTravellerHire?

Why should you get services from us for your Delhi to Manali expedition:

1 Convenience: 

We are ready to handle the driving and navigation part. So, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the routes and itinerary and getting disturbed and stressed in between your amazing journey. All you need to do is just enjoy the spectacular views as you step into the majestic mountains. 

2 Comfort made only for you: 

Since you have a choice to pick the Tempo Traveller, you also have options to get customized services and facilities from us. Everything will depend on your preference, group size, and budget. You will enjoy the comfort of large seats with leg room and spacious arrangements for luggage with any kind of exhaustion air conditioning.

3 Safety is priority: 

We ensure that our drivers are professional in driving any type of vehicle and have good local knowledge about all routes, people, and situations. The license is important and our vehicles are authorized. Your safety and security is our priority. This is how we ensure that you have a smooth and pleasurable trip.

4 Budget-friendly solution: 

While riding with our One-way rentals, you can be worry-free about your freedom. And yes you can explore Manali like you prefer. There's no rush to do everything in a hurry and stress about time. 

5 Exploration shouldn't stop: 

Customize your experience! You have a chance to utilize our Tempo Traveller. The trick is to explore all destinations which come in between your itinerary even if it is not a part of your trip. It can be Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, and even Kullu.

Our one-way Tempo Traveller service is your ticket to a Manali trip that you've dreamt about. So, contact us right away, and let's make your Manali dream a reality! Book your quote today!    

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