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Want to go on a luxury ride to the Taj Mahal? Or, watch the royal beauty of Rajasthan through premium class comfort? If yes, then our Vanity Van is the answer and solution. Japji Travel offers super luxurious Vanity Van Hire services, where you can hire an entire Vanity Van and travel in super comfort to the best of travel destinations in India. We have 5, 6, 7, 8 seater Vanity Van / Caravan on hire charges. Traveling in a Vanity Van is just like traveling in the comfort of your home. Our Vanity Van is full of great amenities and luxuries. You will find every possible comfort inside our Vanity Vans and these include sofa, bathroom, television, washroom, kitchen, beds, and crockery. You can customize your entire journey with us and travel in these Vanity Vans. We offer Vanity Van Hire services for individuals, group bookings, and family trips. 

Luxury Interiors

When you book our Vanity Van Hire services, you get luxury interiors with great emphasis on comfort. The interiors are not just stylish and premium-class, but also super practical and functional. You will get relaxation and entertainment in equal measure in our Vanity Van. We offer a kitchen with microwave and crockery, a lounge with a bookshelf, entertainment gadgets, a decorated bedroom, mini-refrigerator, washroom, and dining room, all to enjoy with your family and friends.


You get options to choose from rearrangeable or fixed beds. You can expand your bed to make more bedroom space in the Vanity Van. You can increase or reduce the sleeping capacity in the Vanity Van. This is particularly, helpful for large groups who are traveling together by booking our Vanity Van Hire services.

Flexible tables

Our Vanity Van comes with a flexible table that can be rearranged according to occasion and requirement. Our tables are multifunctional and you can opt for fold in and out tables, slide in and out tables, and adjustable or permanent tables.

Functional Decor

We can customize our Vanity Van with the décor style that you prefer. Whether you want a traditional style décor or modern and sophisticated style décor, we can bring it and design it in our Vanity Van. You can contact us and tell us about the style of décor and fittings that you want in the Vanity Van. We can make it customizable for you. From lightings, side panels, and ceiling accents, you have a wide choice of décor elements to customize.

Entertainment System

Travel is not just about visiting places of interest, but it is an entertainment experience as well. So, we have fitted our Vanity Van with the latest gadgets for your entertainment pleasure. You will have a Television and Home Theater System all to yourself. You and your family can indulge in entertainment and gaming on the road. Listen to your favorite music band, or watch the latest movies. You can also stream live TV.

Noise Cancellation

Our Vanity Van has a noise cancellation feature that blocks outside noise to invade your private space inside. This enables you to focus on relaxation and entertainment which are so vital in a Vanity Van.

Ambient Lighting

LED lights provide ambient lighting in the Vanity Van. You can set the mood in the Vanity Van with the ambient lighting so that it suits the mood you are in. You can set ambient lighting like a party, relaxed, sleep, evening, and control it with your tablet or mobile phone.

Kitchen & Pantry

When you choose our Vanity Van Hire services you get a kitchen and pantry too in the Vanity Van. The mini kitchen comes with a refrigerator, electric kettle, and microwave oven to satisfy hunger and thirst. You can also customize the kitchen space in the Vanity Van.

Onboard Washroom

Our Vanity Van Hire service gives you a premium-class Vanity Van with an onboard washroom. Whether it is a short journey or a long trip, our Vanity Vans have the luxury of a separate washroom. You can have the luxury of having a shower in the Vanity Van. You can shed off all that fatigue with a shower, and this is the great benefit of booking a Vanity Van for your travels.

Charging Ports

Our Vanity Van has charging ports for charging multiple devices at once. You always have your mobiles, laptops, tablets, and DSLRs charged up and running when they are charged fully in the Vanity Van. You do not have to get out of the Vanity Van and search for a charging port. You can travel with the full knowledge that every device inside the Vanity Van is powered.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. For what purposes can I have Vanity Van Hire services?

A1. You can book our Vanity Van for weddings, events, pre-wedding photoshoots, outstation trips, Rajasthan tours, and city tours.

Q2. Can I customize my trip with Vanity Van Hire services?

A2. Yes. You can customize your trip and include halt stops when you book our Vanity Van Hire services.

Q3. How many persons can travel in a Vanity Van?

A3. 5-6 persons can easily travel in a Vanity Van.

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