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Chandigarh to Kasol Tempo Traveller

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 Tempo Traveller Service From Chandigarh to Kasol 

 Are you looking for a spacious vehicle with maximum capacity? This is the right place to hire 9 to 12 Seater Tempo Traveller. It is available from Chandigarh to Kasol with a driver, who is well trained and loaded with knowledge about each site mentioned in the itinerary of your Chandigarh To Kasol Tour.

  Hiding in the stunning Himalayas, lies Kasol. This admirable site attracts numerous visitors to leave their routine life. This place promises to show its serenity. People lose their soul here while feeling relaxed. So, if you too want to witness the real beauty of this place, hire a right Tempo Traveller for your long trip from Chandigarh to Kasol. Make sure you contact a convenient and trusted Tempo Traveller provider company. Since you have a large group of around 9 to 10 people, you can rent a 9 Seater or 12 Seater Tempo Traveller.  So, let's go through this detailed guide on Chandigarh to Kasol Tour

 Tempo Traveller Selections

Let’s understand how to hire a Tempo Traveller:

The Capacity of Seating 

Well, it depends on the number of people who are coming along with you. You have multiple options like 9 Seater Tempo Traveller to 12 Seater Tempo Traveller. In addition, you can even go for a 15 Seater Tempo Traveller in case of last minute changes in size of your group. But the best recommended one is 12 Seater Tempo Traveller.

All Facilities

The Tempo Traveller contains many services from Air conditioned vehicles to a perfect music system. You will feel at home with the relaxing environment and comfortable seating arrangement. You get legroom. In addition, there is enough luggage storage for you to put bags of all sizes.

Booking Process

There are Tempo Traveller rentals available via numerous travel companies. You can research about each one online. Make sure that you select the best one. Now you must check the tour prices, booking rules, and their customer reviews. After getting the idea about the agency, compare its prices and services with other companies. Do not be greedy for cheap prices. Keep the services and benefits into consideration for yourself and your whole group.

How To Enjoy in Kasol

How should you enjoy your Kasol trip in the best way possible? Well the answer is right here: 

  1. Start by admiring the natural beauty of the Kasol valley. You need to take enough time to live in the moment. So, forget about all your worries. How about hiking through the wonderful towns? Do it! 
  2. Then, call your friends to have a really good picnic near the Parvati River.
  3. Manikaran Sahib is your next destination. This Sikh shrine is an example of spirituality and perfect geothermal beauty. 
  4. Moving forward to Kheerganga, feel this modest journey with your soul. Naturally existing hot springs are waiting to take your breath away with serenity. Likewise, take a panoramic view of the mountains there.
  5. Participate in Adventure. There are varieties of adventurous activities you can do in Kasol. River rafting is the perfect tour activity. Then comes Rappelling, which you can enjoy with your friends. Likewise feel the adrenaline rush with mountain biking. Why don't you race with your friends?
  6. This is the rule of travelling. Learn about each place you go to. So, start by respecting the local people and their language. Then, try local cuisines full of love and simplicity. You can try numerous Himachali Cuisines like Rajma ka Madra or Siddu. Shop for souvenirs made by local craftsmen. And socialize with children there. 

Additional Travel Tips For You

  • We recommend you to plan your whole journey during the best time of summer and fall. April-June is a warm period with a clear atmosphere. Then, you have September-October. Now, this is the time of peak fall and beginning of cold season. A lively environment is all you need to feel at peace.
  • Likewise, carry all necessary documents with yourself all the time. You can put your cash, cards, IDs and the permits for the activity of trekking.
  • Respect the culture of local people and the biodiversity.
  • Consider eco-friendly practices while visiting any place. It is your duty to avoid any kind of practice that might damage mother nature. One of the most basic things you can do is not litter anywhere. There are garbage disposals in each zone.

We hope you've got every information you've been looking for. Good luck on your trip from Chandigarh to Kasol. Now, you can book your trip with a reliable Tempo Traveller service provider. Make this trip unforgettable and blossoming. It's time to pack your luggage and call your loved ones to embark on this trip. Get ready to live alongside the grandeur of the Himalayas!     

Tempo Travellers Rate List For Kasol

Tempo Travellers Rates Enquiry
9 Seater Luxury 1x1 Tempo Traveller 27000 Book Now
9 Seater Airsuspension Tempo Traveller 34000 Book Now
12 Seater 2x1 Tempo Traveller 24000 Book Now
15 Seater Tempo Traveller 35000 Book Now
18 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller 38000 Book Now
21 Seater Maharaja Minibus 41000 Book Now

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How Many Kms Kasol from Chandigarh?

A1. Chandigarh to kasol km distance is 295 via swarghat, mandi, kullu.

Q2. Is Tempo traveller Available For Kasol?

A2. Yes, tempo Travellers available to travel to kasol and its very comfortable.

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