Revisiting Robbers Cave

Revisiting Robbers Cave
  • Uttrakhand

Robber's Cave is called Guchupani in the local language. 'Robber's Cave' is an English word, which in Hindi is called "Dacoon ki Gufa". It is currently one of the major tourist places of Dehradun as well as a famous picnic spot of Dehradun.

History of Robber's Cave (Guchupani)

Earlier, when India was a slave of the British, this cave was the cave of a dacoit named Sultan, in which the dacoit Sultan along with his entire crew used to live. It is said that when India had not become independent from the clutches of the British, then on the orders of the British government, the British used to take the goods of India to Britain, which the dacoit Sultan and his entire crew together looted the goods of the British and used to loot them. Later used to hide in this cave. Due to this cave being 600 meters long and dark, the British army used to tremble to enter inside it.

Where is Robber's Cave (Guchupani) situated?

In the Indian state of Uttarakhand, this dacoits' cave located around 10 kilometres from the Dehradun district. It is mainly a picnic spot in Dehradun.

Why is Robber's Cave (Guchupani) famous?

Due to the length of this cave being 600 meters and being the residence of dacoits before India's independence, this cave is famous in the entire state of Uttarakhand, which is visited by thousands of tourists.

What is the specialty of Robber's Cave (Guchupani)?

This 600 metre long cave contains a few small springs, and because water constantly drips from the cave's roof, the tunnel is constantly filled with water. Parks and private swimming pools etc. are also accessible on the cave's grounds, where kids are more likely to have fun after visiting.

How much is the entry ticket for Robber's Cave (Guchupani)?

An entry ticket has to be taken to go to Robber's Cave i.e. Guchupani, which is ? 35 per person.

Things to note while going to Robbers Cave (Guchupani) –

  1. One should go wearing slippers. Due to the presence of water in the cave, if you go wearing shoes, your shoes will get wet and while walking, small pieces of stone prick your feet, so it would be better to go wearing slippers. Chappals are also available on rent in the premises of Robber's Cave for ?10 per person.
  2. Go wearing shorts only. The water in the cave is often only below the knee, but sometimes the water level also rises above the knee. The level of water is high when you go near the waterfall located in the cave, due to which the possibility of getting wet in jeans etc. increases. So always wear shorts and T-shirt while entering this cave.
  3.  Do not take children inside the cave when the water is high in the cave. When the water level in the cave is high, the current of water also becomes faster, due to which the possibility of an accident increases. When the water level in the cave is low, you can also take your children above 5 years of age inside this cave.
  4. Walk slowly in the water inside the cave. The underwater stones in the cave have become very smooth, on which there is always a possibility of slipping.
  5. If possible, do not carry mobile. By the way, nowadays there is a lot of trend of selfie and in such a time go somewhere and do not take selfie, it cannot happen. If you accidentally slip in the water inside this cave, then your mobile may get damaged, so if possible, avoid carrying mobile inside the cave.

Tourist Places Around Robber's Cave (Guchupani)

1. Tapkeshwar Temple – 7 kms.

2 . Santala Devi Temple – 12 kms.

3. Sahastradhara – 15 kms.

4. Laxman Siddha Temple – 22 kms.


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