Gigantic Troops Planning to Travel: Hire Bus by Tempo Traveller

Posted On August 24th, 2022

Gigantic Troops Planning to Travel: Hire Bus by Tempo Traveller

Planning a group tour is a daunting task for the planner. It can be corporate companies, groups of friends and families. They all seek to travel together in the same coach. Yet, booking a train and bus is not the right choice. You will not get all seats together to sit, sleep and travel. Your gigantic troops planning to travel on hired bus by tempo traveller is the right choice. I have mentioned here why it is so gigantic.

Book a Tempo Traveller for Pilgrim Tours 
Book a Tempo Traveller for Marriage Function
Book a Tempo Traveller for Picnic
Book a Tempo Traveller for Tour

Book a Tempo Traveller for Pilgrim Tours 

Visiting the Char Dham once in a lifetime will be the wish of Hindus. Visiting the Shakthi Peeth or Sthal will be the priority of women devotees. Yet, taking a pilgrimage by family members, relatives, and groups will be much appreciated on a pilgrim tour. If you have 6+ members, hiring a tempo traveller will be the best option to travel with comforts. A group pilgrim tour of up to 20 members is also the best to travel via tempo.

  • Tempo rental hire is available for a 1-day trip.
  • You can book an interstate pilgrim trip for two or three days in a convenient tempo traveller.
  • You can play devotional songs and sing along in Karaoke, too in a tempo.
  • Sufficient luggage spaces are there to keep your pooja materials, personal luggage and stored food and beverages.
  • Pilgrims can wear their pilgrim dresses and travel.
  • You can place a banner in the front and back of the vehicle to show pilgrims inside this tempo.
  • If you have plans to visit nearby temples, waterfalls and or nearby attractions, you have to inform while booking.

You can also book a preferred pilgrim tour in a tempo with hotel accommodation. It is much more affordable them booking by a person at a tempo traveller rental hire agent.

Book a Tempo Traveller for Marriage Function

Your relations or well-known person marriage needs your presence. They will be happy to see you with your family. A joint family or 6+ members are advised to book a tempo. You will attend the day before the marriage reception and the day of the marriage ceremony. Thus, if the marriage venue has an ambient parking place, you can book a tempo to attend the marriage.

  • Tempo rentals are available for a day trip.  
  • You can book a 2-day trip if you wish to attend the reception and return on the marriage is over on the next day.

Thus, travel conveniently in your traditional dress. Booking an A/c tempo is the best to keep you fresh with your makeup.  

Book a Tempo Traveller for Picnic

An A/c tempo traveller is the best to book by a group of people to go for a picnic. Thus, your loved ones will be there with you in the same coach you are travelling to. You can watch a movie or entertainment with songs inside the tempo. The tempo travellers charge a day trip for local picnic trips. Yet, it must be within your district.

  • Tool charges are applicable, which you can pay or include while booking.
  • Tempo parking fee is added at the picnic sight, if any.
  • The driver of your booked tempo comes for doorstep pick up and drops at your convenient point.
  • You can carry food and beverage items inside the tempo.
  • Educational institutes and corporate companies can fix their picnic trip banner in front of the tempo.

It would help if you could book a tempo online as per the number of people coming for a picnic.

Book a Tempo Traveller for Tour

For a one-plus day or weeklong tour, booking a tempo is the best way to enjoy your journey. Travelling within the district is much more affordable for a tempo traveller. Many tempo travellers fix 250 Km as the minimum slab for interstate travel. Yet, travelling intestate includes toll gate fee and interstate permit fee. Booking an all-inclusive will benefit the travellers.

It is advisable to book such hotels, which have ambient parking places to keep your tempo.

Tempo travellers do have many tour packages. They are much more profitable when you book in an all-inclusive type.

  • Plan your tour by consulting with your tempo traveller agents too. They will add value to your tour by selecting the best hotels, restaurants and sightseeing places on your tour.
  • An A/c tempo is the best to book with a group of 23 members.
  • The drivers of tempo travellers are friendly people. They are experienced and professional long-distance drivers.  
  • The driver will take you to the tourist attractions as agreed to visit.

A group tour on a temp is a comfortable way to travel. Book online and get some discounts and offers. It will help if you can check the tempo features before booking online.


Is it possible to change dates once booked for a tour on tempo traveller hire?

Yes, you can do so within the permitted time. The tempo rental service provider will allow you to make changes of date from the date of booking to a maximum before 15 days. They will accept and do not charge any extra. Yet, if you violate their terms and conditions, you might have to pay additional or cancellation charges.

Can I inspect the tempo before booking?

Yes, you can do so if you are near our office. Our staff will show the tempo and take you inside to show the features. You can sit and see how the push-back seats are comfortable. It will be much more convenient to check our website and see the tempo features. We will send the same brand and tempo as you prefer to book online.

Does tempo traveller have sufficient luggage space?

Yes, luggage spaces are available over the seat, inside the back and bottom of the back tyre in the driver’s cabin. It is advisable to inform beforehand if you carry some camping kit, food and beverages. Yet, sufficient spaces place an individual’s luggage in a tempo.

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