Travel Tips for Agra

Posted On August 23rd, 2016

Travel Tips for Agra

How to travel in Agra

Agra is place in India which is the hub for tourists. In India places like Agra attracts tourists too much even tourists love to visit places like Agra. In Agra there are lot of places to visit like Taj Mahal, Fatehpur sikri etc where tourist visits most. But before visiting these places you should have to keep in mind some travel tips like not to become friend with strangers, beware from pickpockets, always carry water bottle with yourself these are some basic travel tip for Agra. You should have to take care about all your belongings leave them to the safe place. And be sure about the safety of your belongings.

While travelling in the Agra you have to keep in mind that you only trust on your tour guide and you travel agent and nobody else because if you trust on the anybody else then he/she can cheat you or there is a chance to rob you. He/ she can take your belonging and also take your money by robbing you best time to visit Agra is in cooler or dry season. As we all known that Agra is a place for tourists but on the other hand there are lot of dirtiness in the city Agra your should have to beware about the seller who sells fake items in the Agra specially the marble. Also take care about the local people if they ask for help you, so you should have to beware from them because they can ask you for money or any other thing which you have with yourself so live away from them also.

While you travel around the Agra so you should have to beware from the guide whom you meet when you enter in the monument or while you entering. They will offer you for guidance but you have to be beware because sometime they drag you to those places where you don’t want to go. So trust only those people whom you feel safe and thing that you can manage with him/her. Please check your guide Id carefully and match the face in the id before begins the trip. One other thing you should have to know about electricity where there is electricity there also a lot of Danger so beware from electricity. Apart from it enjoy your trip fully. Agra is place where you can explore lot of things and enjoy a lot

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