Best Travel Tips to Delhi

Posted On August 24th, 2016

Best Travel Tips to Delhi

Travel tips to Delhi
Delhi is capital of India, Delhi has its own great history if you planning to visit in India. Then it also well known that you will visit Delhi also. Delhi has lot of tourist places where tourist visit mostly like India Gate, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Raj Ghat and several other monuments are there in Delhi which attract tourist to visit Delhi. On the other hand when you travel in Delhi you should also have to keep in mind that there are negative thing will also can happen when somebody visit Delhi first time. Some travel tips to travel in Delhi as follow

  • Plan you full trip before visit Delhi. This way helps you to enjoy your trip.
  • Beware from pickpockets because pickpockets in Delhi are very common.
  • Always carry water bottle with you because sometime you will not find water nearby you.
  • Don’t become friend with the stranger because he/she can rob you.
  • See the Id of you Guide carefully and match the photo in id because sometime the person is different from the id.
  • Always keep your belonging in the safe place and be sure about the safety of your belonging.
  • Sometime in the name of ‘foreign tax’ shopkeeper ask for the extra money. So be careful about this.
  • Divide you time and make a routine to visit places like Delhi is the big city and has lot of places to visit. If you don’t do that then you will be in trouble.
  • Use easy transportation for traveling like Delhi has big facility of metro now use it if you want to travel alone without guide. Use metro to save time and make your trip hassle free.



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