Are You Looking For Best Road Trips From Delhi?

Posted On March 30th, 2020

Are You Looking For Best Road Trips From Delhi?

Are You Looking For Best Road Trips From Delhi?

Delhi is so strategically located that it is the starting point of several exciting and memorable road trips. Whether you choose to take an adventure holiday over a day or a leisurely one that reaches to your destination in just a few hours, you’re good to go from Delhi. The highways from Delhi to any of these destinations are beautiful, modern and smooth, so they facilitate fast with enjoyable driving. Besides, the roads are flanked by smart eateries serving delicious and freshly prepared food that anyone would love. So, if the road condition and food are taken care of, why shouldn’t you step out of home and enjoy yourself by taking a Best Road Trip from Delhi?


The destinations described below are within 100 km distance from Delhi. This makes you ideal for fun and family enjoyment. Choose among them for your next family getaway.

  • Manesar: One of the fastest growing industrial centers in India isn’t the only reason you should visit this small town. It is also endowed with natural beauty and is therefore the choice of many for a holiday destination, barely 55 km from Delhi.

Situated in the Gurugram district of Haryana, you can enjoy yourself at Camp Mustang, if you’re into adventure sports. This is a whole day experience for you. Besides, you can play golf at the Manesar Golf course, fly a plane at the Flyboy Air Safari and check out the 200 bird varieties at the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

  • Nuh: This historical town with perhaps the shortest name is known to be the headquarters of Mewat in Haryana. Under the leadership of its ruler, Bahadur Singh of Ghasera, the town was very prosperous and was known for being a salt trading center. Even today, you can see the ruins of this once prosperous town in its tombs and mosque. But what you will enjoy seeing here are the temples of Kotla, Shiva and Hathor. Additionally, an ancient water tank with carvings and cenotaphs is an important place to see. The tomb of Sheikh Musa, known for its shaking minarets is an architectural marvel. This amazing town is barely 87 km from Delhi.
  • Damdama Lake: Just about 61 km from Delhi by road, you will come across the breath-taking Damdama Lake. Situated in Gurugram, it is spectacular, what with the Aravalli Range providing a superb backdrop. This is an ideal picnic spot for you and your family where you can also indulge in bird watching, boating and take Nature walks by the lake.
  • Fort Unchagaon: A three-hour drive with a 18 Seater Minibus from Delhi will bring you to the historic and majestic Fort Unchagaon. It’s also about an hour from Garhmukteshwar and is ideal to distress you. This amazing property was inherited by Raja Surendra Pal Singh in 1927 at the age of 10 years. Now, it has been converted into a heritage hotel serving international class hospitality.

During Best Long Road Trip from Delhi, on a visit here, you can see the fort, designed to have a mix of Indian and colonial décor. At the spiritual centre of Garhmukteshwar, visit temples and fairs. About 10 km from BrijGhat, on the banks of the Ganga you can view dolphins.

  • Kuchesar Mud Fort: Get out of Delhi quickly and pass through Ghaziabad on the NH24 to reach the striking Kuchesar Mud Fort, about 100 km from the capital. This is an excellent getaway for Delhiites who are looking for a good break not far from home. Unknown but rich in history, Kuchesar is known to be a heritage village, situated in district Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. It is just right for a day tour from Delhi. The mud fort here was built by the Jat rulers and still stands intact.
  • Neemrana Fort: About 128 km from Delhi, you can reach this cultural hub on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. It is a 15th century fort converted into a heritage resort. From the ramparts of the fort you can see panoramic views of the gardens, plains and Rajasthani designs.Nearby, you can also visit places like BalaQuila, Baori and Siliserh Lake.
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Situated in Rajasthan, this World Heritage site is home to thousands of endangered and rare birds that migrate here during winters. These include the Siberian Crane, and animals such as Sambar, Boar, Nilgai & Chital. It is 177 km from Delhi and the best time to visit here is August-November and October-February.
  • Agra: One of the top choices for a getaway from Delhi, Agra is home to the world famous TajMahal, and other Mughal era monuments such as the Agra Fort & the impressive gardens, MehtagBagh. FatehpurSikhri, a short distance away is also a famous place to visit. Apart from doing the historical rounds of monuments, you can also take historical tours and walks or jeep safari rides, bicycle tours and visits to the local & colourful markets.
  • Sariska Tiger Reserve: About 207 km from Delhi on the NH248A is the Sariska Tiger Reserve, located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. In 1955, it was declared a wildlife reserve. Admire the tigers here and take a three-hour safari ride all over the reserve. Apart from a visit to the reserve, you can also visit the Kankarwadi Fort situated in the reserve. Also a part of the reserve is an ancient Hanuman temple Pandupole, which attracts devotees throughout the year. If you wish to extend your stay, you can stay in the luxury resort here or the budget resort. For a truly enjoyable holiday here, visit anytime between November and March

To be able to see these places in comfort, you must Hire 18 Seater Minibus. And who better can do this for you, but a reliable and experienced tour operator? There may be many out there who will volunteer to make you a booking on any of these tours, but one reliable company to go with is Japji Travel. With us, you can state your preferences, likes and dislikes & we will customize your trip, so that you can enjoy every moment of it and will return home with a very good experience. Our seasoned staff and excellent drivers know the area very well and make exploring the area with you extremely pleasurable. We are also well-versed with the topography and can advise you on places to shop at and dine at. We are also courteous and know that our drivers must drive you safely to your destination. If you are impressed by the range of places that you can see and would like to explore, visit us at and get a coupon code for your trip.

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