Useful Tips for Renting A Car

Posted On May 30th, 2020

Useful Tips for Renting A Car

Rental vehicles not only provide you the freedom to enjoy with your kinsfolk and friends but also give you the flexibility to explore the extremities of an area you are traveling to. Despite the benefits, renting a car can be complicated for some people. Of course, you try to look for the best available deals, sort out insurance options, and whatnot. Here are some useful tips and mandatory checks for renting a vehicle the next time:

Make Early Reservations 

As obvious it may sound, it is extremely essential to make your reservations for the ride well before in time to avoid last-minute booking complications. It becomes even more important during peak seasons or high summer periods. For a hassle-free ride and quick bookings, try to make your reservations at least a week or two in advance. 

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Moreover, early bookings will save you from any disappointment in case of not getting a timely ride due to limited availability. Furthermore, reputable rental service providers like Japji Travel provide early-bird discounts and promos for regular customers.

Choose a Vehicle That Suits Your Needs

You should know that the prices and provided amenities may vary for different vehicles. You should not only consider the price but also other requirements like interior space and trunk size of the rental car. Again, it is important to book a vehicle according to the number of passengers on board while traveling. So, if you are traveling with 5 or more people and carrying a lot of luggage, you will probably need a more spacious sedan.  

Never make the mistake of booking a smaller sedan for a cheaper booking amount. We at Japji Travel provide full specifications of all our vehicles to give an idea about the luggage space, number of passengers that can travel comfortably, and the basic amenities we provide with every ride with our rental vehicles. 

Leave Ample Details While Booking a Rental Vehicle

Whenever you make your rental booking by phone or online, you should leave ample details for better ride management. For example, if you are booking a rental car to pick you up after touch down, you should leave the required details like your exact flight number so that we can track your arrival in case the flight is delayed. Always provide the exact pick-up address along with your mobile phone number. These details help us reach you in time at the pick-up location.


Always Pay the Security Excess

The majority of the car rental service providers book some amount as security excess depending on the car you rent. This amount is blocked as a security deposit and returned to you after your ride. We may require you to show your IDs, driving license, and credit card to make payment and to confirm security excess. Customer identification and credential confirmation are mandatory to confirm a ride.

Rental Ride For Inter-State Trips

The rental rides for inter-state trips may require additional paperwork, a scanned copy of the driver’s license, and IDs to allow inter-state commuting. In some cases, an additional fee may be charged based on the rental vehicle. 

Code of Conduct During Accidents

If you get into an accident during the rental ride or damage the vehicle in any way, you should immediately contact your rental service providers. You should place a call to their customer care services so that they can assist you in notifying the traffic police. Once you report the accident to the traffic police, you are free from any dues and the accidental charges will be covered by insurance.

Do Not Leave Any Belongings in the Rental Vehicle

Make it a habit of never leaving any belongings in the car when you deboard a rental vehicle. Your belongings may get stolen or break when you leave them in the rented car. It such cases, you cannot hold the drivers responsible for any potential damage or loss. Furthermore, make sure you always carry mandatory documents with you and never leave them behind in the car.

Always Refuel After the Ride

Many rental service providers follow a full tank corporate policy for long-distance travel that makes it mandatory for the passengers to refuel the vehicle when you return them after your trip. 

Follow Statewide Traffic Regulations

Different states and locations may follow different speed limits. Some locations require you to drive at a specific speed and capture speed limit with stationary or mobile speed cameras. Therefore, you should always follow the speed limit. Never persuade the drivers for speeding. 

Make sure to park the rented vehicle at guarded parking lots. Never leave a rental car in restricted areas. Always comply with on-road situations and traffic rules. Make the most of your rental vehicle by focussing on the journey. Leave the worries of driving and commute in the hands of trained chauffeur and professional drivers.


Q1. How can I reserve a Taxi to pick me up from the airport after a touchdown?

Ans. You simply have to fill up an inquiry form > Enter name > Mobile > Vehicle of choice > Travel Date > Pick-up Location > Click on Send/Submit Button. We will process your details and send you a proposal with the required booking details. Once you approve, you can confirm your ride.

Q2. Do I need to pay any extra amount or surcharge if I cannot return the rental vehicle on time?

Ans. Ideally, you book a rental vehicle for a specific time frame or number of days. You can return the vehicle earlier than specified without a charge, however, you may need to pay some extra amount if you return the rental vehicle after your agreed time slot. In case the delay is planned, you can extend your bookings anytime by visiting our website and altering your booking details.

Q3. What are the acceptable modes of payment for renting a vehicle?

Ans. You can make a payment for renting a vehicle via credit card, debit card, or pay in cash. All the online payments are made via credit/debit cards. In case of cash payment, you need to clear the dues before finalizing your bookings. 

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