Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Posted On May 25th, 2020

Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon is a time when love is in the air and everything around seems charming, alluring and drenched in love. Isn’t it? It’s the moment when you take your first step into a new phase of your life that you are going to travel through with the soulmate of your life. To make the moments more worthwhile, you look for a place that’s surreal, romantic, and enchanting. Whether you are seeking picturesque beaches or idyllic mountain hideaways, you can find an ideal post-wedding get away from some of the best honeymoon destinations in India


Kashmir, fondly acclaimed as a ‘heaven on earth’, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful honeymoon destinations in India. You will fall in love with the viridescent landscapes, turquoise waters, and timeless beauty of Srinagar. The place can give you innumerable memories of a perfect honeymoon that you can reminisce for years with your significant other. Not to forget the prime attraction of this majestic place is a relaxing ride on the Shikara. Lay back and admire the scenic surroundings with your newly-wed spouse when the Shikara moves peacefully over the waters of the lake. Feel flabbergasted by the beauty and bliss of the tranquil surroundings. 

Paradise Beach


The very name of the city speaks fun, beaches, and the scent of sand. Goa is amongst the most popular destinations for the honeymooners. Who would like to miss sauntering on the scenic beaches hand in hand with their beloved? But Goa has a lot more to offer to the love birds. The oscillating coconut palms aligning the old colonial Portuguese buildings create a hard-to-miss laid-back atmosphere that is perfect to spend some lazy moments with your significant other. When you are in Goa, do not forget to taste the delicious local cuisine with mouth-watering flavors. It is hard to escape the liveliness of the city with an easy-going lifestyle, exuberant mores, and a buoyant way of life. 

taj mahal agra


What place can be better to immortalize your love than the symbol of eternal love itself? Therefore, Agra is a prime choice of the honeymooners who seek serene landscapes, magnificent forts, and luxury resorts. The place serves all the ingredients for a royal honeymoon. Explore the Mughal grandeur at the magnificent historic monuments. Feel the magic of love at the Taj Mahal. If budget is not a constraint, then go extravagant to experience some of the most majestic, luxurious holidays in some of the royal hotels and resorts with couple spas and delicious regal delicacies. 


Coorg is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in India best known for its misty valleys, pleasant climes, and viridescent natural allure. Its verdant beauty gave it the title of the ‘Scotland of India’. The contagious charisma of the space makes it a perfect honeymoon destination. Get soaked in its tranquility, experience the sounds of nature, and admire the panorama by residing in some of the elite resorts in Coorg.

rajasthan udaipur


If you feel enthralled by the mere mention of royal palaces and splendid living, then you should plan your honeymoon in Udaipur. Stroll through the crooked, narrow streets. Explore the vivid bazaars. Saunter through fantastic palaces, and gigantic Havelis. The charm of the ancient temples can hardly be captured in words. Udaipur is home to innumerable majestic sights to take your breath away. You can wander around the city or cruise through the calm lakes. Book a stay in luxurious palace-turned-hotels for a real royal experience of Udaipur.


The small town of Nainital has long been the most-favored summer retreat of the Britishmen. The place provides a perfect backdrop for a love-filled honeymoon. It has a friendly ambiance, refreshing lake, serene atmosphere, surrounding mountain ranges, and swirling town bazaars. Take a long stroll hand in hand with your beloved on the walking tracks beside the lake. Shop some souvenirs of your perfect honeymoon from the local bazaar. Or simply spend some lazy days full of love admiring the beautiful panorama from the wide-open window of your hotel or resort. 


The place is zen for nature lovers and honeymooners seeking beautiful surroundings and surreal ambiance. Primarily known for its biological diversity and rich foliage, the place beckons visitors from all over the world because of its splendid natural allure. Explore the peaceful life in spectacular backwaters. Spend an amazing evening luxuriating on a pristine beach with your lovey-dovey spouse.

innova crysta delhi

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