How to pay the lowest price when booking a tempo Traveller for your vacation

Posted On May 1st, 2023

How to pay the lowest price when booking a tempo Traveller for your vacation

Are you planning a trip on vacation? Many questions could come to your mind while making a plan. Going on a trip with family or friends, the first thing which comes to our mind is comfort and a pocket-friendly budget. If you have a car and driving your car for a trip can save you money, do you think you will enjoy the trip?

Driving on the long route cannot be possible for everyone and can cause back pain which spoils your mood. You must arrange many things, especially with your family or friends. This blog will discuss the same topic and share the perfect solution for all your queries.

How to pay the lowest price when booking a tempo Traveller for your vacation?

There are so many benefits of hiring a Tempo Traveller for a trip, but before hiring, you should know how exactly members will go on a journey with you before hiring. Japji Travels provide Temp Travellers according to passengers who value your money because fewer seaters Tempo Travellers will just cost you extra charges. When you visit any travel agency before confirming the agent, you think about your family or friends’ safety because you cannot trust the agency in one meeting. About the payment, don’t give full payment on the first visit or hiring period because they can betray you. Japji Travels has made their travel agency name in the market because of their customer reviews, and they charge the best price. Japji Travel Agency will never ask you for payment before your trip start.

Decide what kind of service you want before going on a trip

You should know the travel distance from your travel agency to your travel destination because your travel agency will charge you according to distance. Japji Travel Agency sends their best and most experienced driver with their customer on a trip. It’s a little difficult to visit unknown places with family members on a trip, as Drivers are most experienced and familiar with the travel places, which can help you explore more and save time. The main service every customer expects from their agency is the space to fit their luggage. After covid, Japji Travels are taking care of their Customer hygiene and safety, they provide sanitizer and vaccinated staff on a trip with customers.

Are you okay with an older Tempo?

Before going on a trip, check your tempo traveler conditions. You should never go with an old tempo, there are so many reasons to not choose an old tempo for a long trip. When you go on a trip there are many expectations attached to you and your traveling partners, on a long route there could be the chance that your old-hired tempo will stop halfway to your destination. What happens if your old hired tempo will not start at night? At night there is a high chance that you will not find anyone for your help and this can be the single reason to spoil your trip.

How to Hire Tempo Traveler for a Trip?

  • Always hire tempo travelers according to passengers.
  • Check the agency’s tourist cover areas, if it matches your travel destination, which will be easy to connect with a travel agency.
  • Before giving confirmation check the travel distance and fuel rate for example today’s Petrol rate is Rs96.72 per liter, and the Diesel rate is Rs89.62 per liter, and that will help you to set your budget.
  • Always check the market prices which will give you the satisfaction that you are paying the right amount.
  • Before connecting with a travel agency check the customer reviews which will help you to know the agency’s services.
  • For hiring tempo travelers, you can visit their travel agency or directly contact them by mail or phone.
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Make your trip memorable and comfortable with Japji Travel. Give us one chance to show our customer service because we value your time, emotions, and money. Visit our website and know the offers and rates according to tourist destinations.


Will the traveler agency charge according to the traveling day?

Yes, To know more about per day rate you can contact them.

Are there any offers available for first-time visitors?

For an exciting offer, you can visit to travel agency or connect with a travel agency.  

Ques.1 Will the traveler agency charge according to the traveling day?

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