The Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Essentials

Posted On June 28th, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Essentials

Travelling is a sheer joy, we get to explore a whole lot of new things. However, road trips are enigmatic and are tough to look away from. There is something special about road trips, which is unparalleled to other modes of travelling by flight, bus, or train.

The ultimate guide to road trip essentials: Items to include in your packing list

However, with excitement and fun, road trips can be a daunting task. Packing for a road is challenging, what to pack and what not to pack is the question buzzing in your mind. This is quite pesky, isn’t it? Well, you need not worry, we present you the complete road trip packing list, which will make your task easier.

Travel essentials that you need to consider when on a road trip

Chargers: To power up your devices

One of the quintessential items to include in your road trip checklist is the chargers for your gadgets. It’s important to keep your gadgets working- as we live in a digital age. However, for long journeys, the power bank is recommended. Your mobile drains more battery when the phone turns into roaming mode.

Also, remember to pack a charger for all devices, such as a laptop, iPad, etc.

Car/Bike documents: For a hassle-free travel experience

Make a point to keep all the car/ bike documents ready. It is one of the road trip necessities. Moreover, it is also for your own safety and this ensures a smooth journey. If you have all the documents ready, you need not wait for a long time in case the traffic police stop you. Since you have all the necessary documents ready with you.

Eatables: To binge on your favourite food

Wondering about things to bring on a road trip? Well, some of the essential items are food, snacks, and drinks. We all love munching on our favorite snacks, don’t we? But while you are travelling, you need to carry travel-friendly eatables such as:

  • Teabags
  • Plates and cups
  • Fork
  • Flask
  • Instant Poha
  • Instant Noodles
  • Cold drinks
  • Tetra pack juices
  • Chocolates
  • Chips
  • Drinking-Water

Cooler: To keep sustenance fresh

Cooler is one of the long road trip essentials. When you are on a road trip the healthy food options are limited. Hence, you can pack a cooler along with you to store homemade food and drinks. This also ensures a healthy gut which is very important in long journeys.

Spare Tire: If an emergency knocks your way

A spare tire is a must in your road trip essentials list. In case of a flat tire emergency, you can replace the tire. Also, an extra car key is recommended while hopping on long journeys.

Sunglasses: Stay shady

One of the road trip essentials for adults is sunglasses. You simply can’t miss out on your favourite shades when on a road trip. From giving you a stylish look to protecting your eyes from the blistering sun and the dusty roads. So, a pair of sunglasses is a trending accessory that you can’t ignore on your trip. So, pick up your favourite sunglass that you are comfortable with and boast your style statement.

First Aid Kit: Safety comes first

One more item to include in things you need for a road trip is the first aid kit. In case of emergency, a first aid kit is very essential. Pack items like Antiseptic lotion, cotton in large quantities, Dettol, pain killers, doctor prescribed medicines, Band-Aids, and Crocin for a quick emergency. Pack all these items in a neatly arranged first-aid box, so you can find things conveniently. Also, don’t forget to carry pocket-friendly sanitiser and sanitiser spray, keeping the current Covid situation in mind.

Camera: To capture the idyllic setting

Needless, to state, we all have cameras on our phones. However, getting clicked by a professional camera is a different feeling. Pack your favourite camera along with accessories such as battery packs, tripods, lens cleaner, selfie stick, etc. Oh, wait! don’t miss out on the memory card.

Sunscreen: Say no to tanning

A sunscreen suitable to your skin type is a must in your road trip packing list. From protecting you from that ugly suntan and also reducing the risk of skin allergies and skin cancer- sunscreen does wonders on your skin. Also, carry a sunscreen that you use regularly rather than a new brand to avoid skin irritation.

Wet wipes: For facial hydration

This is one of the road trip essentials for kids as well as adults. To keep yourself fresh during your journey carry wet wipes and small towels along. This will ensure freshness throughout your journey.

Dry Shampoo: Say bye to hair greasiness

One of the road trip essentials for adults is dry shampoo. Your one-stop solution to hair greasiness and other problems related to hair during a road trip. It’s an instant way to get a clean freshness in your hair. Moreover, it keeps hair odour at bay. Dry shampoo is your perfect hair care partner on a road trip.

Flip Flops: Best buddies of your feet

For comfortable happy feet, flip flops are what you need. Heavy shoes or heels can be uncomfortable. So, when you are travelling, flip-flops are your best buddies. However, in hilly terrain or in biting cold weather, shoes are recommended. Otherwise, flip-flops are recommended to keep your feet happy!

Portable WiFi: To keep you connected with the outside world

If you do not have good roaming plans or connectivity to the internet, portable WiFi is all you need. This is one of the long trip essentials, to keep you entertained. Stay connected with people around the world even in your journey. Moreover, watch movies on Netflix, play games, and keep yourself entertained.

Spare change: How much you got in your wallet?

A spare change is a must in your wallet. It will save your time in toll plazas. Moreover, this will get rid of searching for change and irritation while on a long journey.

Follow this guide of road trip packing list and rollick your journey. Drive safe and adhere to the travel guidelines. It’s a perfect reason to escape the mundane!

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