Tips to Plan Great Road Trips

Posted On April 29th, 2021

Tips to Plan Great Road Trips

The very mention of a road trip fills the heart with exhilaration and joy! Isn’t it? Nothing is more rejuvenating than hitting the road with a bunch of friends on a comfy ride to explore the unknown. Irrespective of the destination, an adventure unfolds, and surprises await at every turn on a great road trip. You choose your stopovers seeking endless possibilities to create tons of memories on the go. However, planning epic road trips takes a little more than driving the wheels and hitting the road. You need to consider aspects like location, safety concerns, communication, and much more. Here are some tips to planning great road trips every time:

Prepare For The Unlikely Mishaps

You should understand that mishaps happen and often unexpectedly. So, it is always wise to stay prepared for the unlikely, such as sudden car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. If you have a working jack, a spare pumped-up tire, a jumper lead, and a spare tank of petrol, you can fix your vehicle by yourself. Most of these concerns are taken care of by the rental service providers in a hired car. Make sure you keep some essential supplies for a medical emergency. Your first aid kit can come in handy to fix little bumps, bruises, and scrapes.

Stock Some Snacks For Your Hunger Pangs

One essential aspect of road trips is guzzling at roadside cafes and stopping at fruit stalls, bakeries, wineries, and cheese shops. However, it always helps to pack some go-to snacks of your own when planning a road trip. In case you do not find a nice food place around, you can munch on the snacks to appease your hunger pangs. 

So, next time you pack your bags to hit the road, cram a container with your favorite chocolate bars, cookies, chips, and cheese pies to grab a bite when you are starving. Make sure to keep some water bottles to stay hydrated en route. Also, keep a lidded cereal box lined with a plastic bag to throw food rubbish, wrappers, and food waste. You can dump them in the way whenever you find a dustbin. 

Pick A Proper Destination

Whenever you plan a road trip, pick a realistic, well-known destination that is safe enough to travel by road. You cannot plan a road trip blindfolded to a foreign location or unknown destination in mind. After the pandemic, it is even more important to carefully consider a destination before planning a trip. 

Multiple locations provide convenient facilities to combat the pandemic and are safe to travel. Book nice accommodation and proper hotels for a stopover close to your selected route. Search for convenient, affordable options beforehand to save the last-minute hassle. Embrace minimalism and pack only essentials. 

Make Sure To Visit The Destination At The Correct Time

One thing that is often underrated but extremely important to plan great road trips is choosing a destination during the proper time of the year. Conduct thorough research before setting out to your chosen terminus. Make sure that the season is convenient enough to travel to that place. Certainly, winter is not a time to visit a location that receives heavy snowfall. Similarly, it will be risky to drive through slippery roads during the rainy season. 

Another strong reason for visiting a place is about the aspects of the destination you want to explore. For example, some people want to witness cultural festivals or annual festive celebrations. Others simply seek a break from their mundane schedules. Consider all these factors before you pick a destination for your road trip

Download Google Maps

It is always good to have a reliable companion by your side when you are visiting a new location for the first time. Google Maps is indeed the best route companion for any road tripper. However, you may sometimes enter an area with no coverage. In that case, you will not be able to access live navigation. Therefore, it is advisable to download your route map before departure. You can navigate your path using the map in case you lose service in your commute. How about keeping a backup paper map just in case required? An added precaution never harms.

Further, you should always pre-plan your route. Plotting a route that you will be taking goes a long way to plan a great road trip. Consider all your requirements and mark the route on your map. Keep a copy of that map handy for the trip. A pre-planned trail helps you include scenic vistas en route. Drive through mesmerizing views keeping more room for some spontaneity. You can always take a detour through more interesting and enriching routes as suggested by the locals. 

Perpetrate A Thorough Pre-Trip Check

You have packed everything important, your vehicle is fueled, and you are all set and ready to roll. Now is the time to do a quick pre-trip check before you finally set out to your destination. Make sure your vehicle is up to date. Check if the tank is full. Pump up the tires to their bouncy best. Check oil levels and fill up the windscreen-wiper reservoir just before departure for a happy escapade.


Q1) What essential pieces of equipment are provided with a rental car for a road trip?

Ans) All the rental cars provided by Tempo Traveller Hire are equipped with a first aid kit, puncture repair kit, foot pump, icebox, and GPS navigation system.

Q2) What provisions do rental cars have for road trip entertainment?

Ans) You can enjoy your best dance numbers on our music system. Further, you can also enjoy a movie on the go on our broad LCD screens.

Q3) Can I make as many stopovers as I like during a road trip?

Ans) Yes, you can make multiple stopovers en route with your rental car and driver.

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