Knowing the unknown secrets of Agra Fort

Posted On May 27th, 2017

Knowing the unknown secrets of Agra Fort


Agra is the city on the banks of river Yamuna. It is having major tourists spots 3 among them have named under UNESCO world heritage sites which are Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Agra fort was made by Mughals. It is also known as Badalgarh. It was used for military purpose and residential purpose. The Fort has won various awards, one among them is Aga Khan Award for Architecture in the year 2004 .Here are some interesting facts about the Agra Fort

The walls of the Fort

Agra Fort is having seventy feet high walls and was made by Mughals.


Sikandar Lodi who became sultan after his father’s death and shifted to Agra’s fort He ruled from there.


When Akbar came to Agra, Abu Afzal told him about the ruined palace he rebuilt the fort. It took 8 years to rebuild the massive fort. He rebuilt with red sandstone. Over 1 million workers were working to rebuild the fort. It was originally a brick fort.

Sheesh mahal

It is inside the Agra Fort. The craftsmanship of the Mahal is amazing. It was used as imperial baths. It is having mirrors on its walls and ceilings. The mirrors used are very precious. There were hollows in the walls, to keep the room cool. The hollows were filled with running water.

Shah Jahan

He was deposed and restrained in Agra fort by his son Aurangzeb. Shah Jahan was imprisoned in the fort for 8 years in the Fort by his son.


It is known as the hall of public audience and is used for business, formal receptions and durbars.

The Gates

The fort is having two gates Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate also known as Amar Singh gate. Delhi gate is closed visitors enter through Amar Singh gate.

Sherlock Holmes

Very few people are aware of this fact that the castle is portrayed in Sherlock Holmes mystery ‘The Sign of the Four’. Not only in this but also in the famous film Jodha Akbar they showcased the beauty of the fort.


Diwan-i-Khas or hall of private audience in Agra fort was beautifully created. Here was the Shah Johan’s throne which was embedded with Kohinoor diamond.

Nagina Masjid

It is masjid inside Agra Fort constructed with pure white marble. It was built by Shah Jahan for the ladies of the fort.


One can see Taj Mahal from slits of Jodha-Bai-palace.

Age of empires 3

“Age of Empires 3- the Asian Dynasties”, is the video game in which it is one o the 5 wonders in Indian civilization.


Britishers destructed the massive fort for making barracks

The site of the battle

Agra fort has to be a site of one of the battles which took place in the year 1857.this battle was the end of the British East Indian company.

Important aspects

Agra fort comprises of beautiful structures and is in auricular shape. The walls are having beautiful intricate carvings.

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