Best Destinations to Experience India’s Monsoon Magic

Posted On May 19th, 2020

Best Destinations to Experience India’s Monsoon Magic

Monsoon is a season when nature unfolds its best. The charm, and magic of the petrichor, the freshness, and the colour of the greens, and the captivating power of the pouring rain are hard to capture in words. If you are a monsoon person, here is a list of the most majestic places in India to experience the monsoon magic.


This city of God is even more blissful during the monsoon season. Feel the orenda in everything from the majestic skyline to the leaves and trees waving happily as they drench in the rain. Explore the glorious destinations as they soak in the charm of monsoon. Do not forget to experience sailing a houseboat amidst rain on the backwaters. Every moment you spend in Kerala during the monsoons is worth a million and dearly memorable throughout a lifetime.


Famously known as the city of rains and the abode of clouds, Cherrapunji looks marvellous during monsoons. Cherrapunji, a small state of Meghalaya, is primarily known for its exceptional natural allure and for being the wettest place soaked in water for most of the year. Yet, monsoon is the season when the city exhibits its natural charm at its best. Explore its aroma, drench in its charisma, and experience the best of monsoons in Cherrapunji and nearby places like Shillong.


It is one of the star attractions of Maharashtra and a popular hangout on the outskirts of Mumbai. This place is popularly known for its natural appeal, majestic surroundings, astonishing panorama, and stunning resorts. You can also find some of the famous old caves in the area to satisfy the explorer in you. All in all, the place is worth every penny you spend for a stay in the area for a leisurely break, especially during monsoons.


Goa, the city of alluring beaches and stunning coastlines is even more welcoming during monsoons. If you want to experience the calm, surreal aspects of the city, monsoon is the best season to uncover the secrets. It is the time when the beaches are not swarming with tourists, the hotels and amenities are available at half the price, the air breathes fresh and refreshing, and you get the opportunity to explore every inch of the must-visit places readily, uninterrupted.


One of the most picturesque hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal acquires a different charm in monsoons. If you are in the city of Bengaluru, you can easily reach the hill station in 9 hours by road. Kodaikanal has everything from virgin forests, placid lakes, lush greens, and stunning topography. Every aspect of the hill station will force you to fall in love with the place instantly. What’s better than watching the rain pour on the distant forests and far away mountains from the large open window of your hotel room or lodge?

Exploring India’s Monsoon Destinations By Road

By now, you must be longing to pack your bags and hit one of these fantastic monsoon destinations in India. One of the best ways to visit these places is to book a rental vehicle and explore the untouched extremities. What better can be than a road trip to these destinations to experience monsoon at its best?

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