Advice for Travelers During Coronavirus

Posted On May 12th, 2020

Advice for Travelers During Coronavirus

We all know that the world today is dealing with a never-seen-before pandemic that has become a sore bone for everyone. Even the World Health Organisation or WHO has declared the newly spread Coronavirus as a global health emergency. In the current scenario, it is extremely important to understand the practices and precautions we must take as a gadabout to stay safe during travels

Avoid Traveling to the Most Infected Places

First and foremost, the best advice to abide by in today’s times would be not to travel at all until extremely unavoidable. Next, if you do have to travel, you should completely refrain from traveling to most infected places like Southern regions in India. 

We know that the deadly virus has affected various regions in the country, however, some places are more prone to the adverse effects and severe spread. Visiting such places will jeopardize your life and that of your near and dear ones. This is certainly not the best time to travel to such places. After months, when the situation normalizes, you may consider traveling to these places with the utmost precautions and according to essential travel mandates. 

Practice Personal Hygiene

One of the most basic but essential travel advisories for business and leisure travelers is to follow and practice personal hygiene. It is imperative to keep the virus at bay. You should frequently wash your hands and keep yourself clean. Wear regularly-washed clean clothes even during travel as much as possible. 

Remember, anyone can easily catch coronavirus by avoiding basic hygiene. Therefore, when you are traveling or doing an outdoor job, you need to stay extra careful. You may closely encounter many items in your daily lives, some of them may have germs and viruses. Consequently, it is essential to frequently wash your hands. 

Keep some paper soaps to wash hands during travel. Always keep a small bottle of sanitizer handy to quickly disinfect your hands in case water is not available for a quick wash. Avoid direct contact with the commode in public restrooms. Make it a habit of not touching your mouth or nose while traveling. Always remember to wash your hands every time before you eat on the commute. 

Travel Only When Physically Fit

Never go out if you feel unwell because you will be more susceptible to catching a disease. Even if the problem seems negligible, strictly do not travel when you feel unwell. If you feel uneasy after reaching your destination, try not to venture out of the hotel room and request for medical attention from the hotel management. Avoid coming in close contact with natives of the state and other people in the hotel. 

You should remember the early symptoms of Coronavirus involve cold, sneezing, and cough similar to the basic symptoms of a seasonal common cold. Nonetheless, it is important to visit a doctor and take professional medical advice before you take any over-the-counter medication for any presumed disease. Make sure to keep your mouth covered when coughing and sneezing or cover your mouth with your inner elbow.

Avoid Eating from Random Places

Visiting a place is incomplete if you do not taste their local cuisine. With that said, now is not the time to satisfy your taste buds. Try not to eat food and comestibles from random places as an added precaution. Check the place in terms of hygiene before eating. If something seems odd or questionable, you should not think a second more before moving out of that place. 

You should note that this newly spread virus is a questionable disease about which even experts do not understand everything. Without a complete picture regarding the disease, practicing personal hygiene, following social distancing, and avoiding filthy, shambolic places is the least we can do to stay safe. Wherefore, never eat from unhygienic places when traveling, and make it a habit of washing your hands before you consume your food.

Follow Social Distancing

The facts and figures collected so far about the Corona spread suggest that the virus propagates by close contact. Therefore, it is essential to practice social distancing even when traveling. It is easier to come in contact with an infected person during travel. Since neither, you can see the virus nor figure out who is infected, it is best to keep a healthy distance from everyone during travel. 

Avoid Self-drive For Long-Distance Travel

When you take your own vehicle for long-distance travel, you may run into situations where you have to seek parking spaces, pay provisional taxes, and even fulfill travel mandates for different states. Under the current scenario, it is best not to take a personal vehicle for travel. You can book an easy ride from reliable service providers like Japji Travel. Their vehicles are well-kept, well-maintained, and thoroughly cleaned before every new trip. Moreover, you do not have to worry about provisional charges or parking spaces. Enjoy a hassle-free ride and safe travel with a rental vehicle for your trip.

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