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A beautiful valley of Sangla is situated in the magnificent state of Himachal Pradesh.

Chitkul is a small place in Sangla and it is the last inhabited village by Indians in its boundary. The village is located on the old boundary of the Indian and Tibetian border. The village is at a high altitude of more than three and half thousand meters. The place is all surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscape. A small wildlife has also been set up near the village to welcome the nature lovers to see the habitat of the particular area. Flora and fauna of the state and area are displayed here. One can go and have a good trek in the forests. The village is densely populated less than half a century man living there. Once you go to the place you will receive a warm welcome from the villagers. The nature lovers can come here and explore the beauty of the village to the extent. The place is peaceful if you want a hustle free holiday it is a must visit for you. There are many types of trek available for the small trek, long trek, and one can spend nights there at camps.

A big beautiful monastery is there at Brelengi. And that’s why it is also named as Brelengi gompa. The state is having a good Buddhist population. The peaceful monstery is set up at 1992. The main motto to establish the monastery was to perform the Kalachakra ceremony by the Mahabodhi society. This also serves as a place for pilgrimage place for Buddhists.

Apart from trekking, you can also come here for some more adventurous activities like river rafting etc. Baspa river is famous for river rafting. By the sides of a river, you can see picturesque scenery to capture the best moments in your camera. Fishing is also main playing activity in the river you can camp there, you can have trekking by the side of the valley. This place is kilometers away from the busy and noisy life of towns. Here you can come and relax and have some meditation here.

The green meadows are also there. Yes! You can come here and have fun there. The background there is of Himalayan peaks. The snow-covered mountains will pass a cool breeze. You can go to dhyana here. This place is also known as Sangla Kanda.

The old architecture here was a fort on the back but now it is converted into a Hindu temple. The temple here is dedicated to goddess Kamakhya Devi. This is a small pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees. The fort was having three floors earlier which are now turned to temple floors. A big and large idol of the Devi is placed on the third floor of the temple. The balcony if the temple is made of woods. The main gate is blessed with an idol of Mahatma Buddha.

A blessing of architecture named Bering Nag temple is in Sangla. This place is just for the lovers and admirers of architect and buildings. This is one of the important temples for Hindus as it is dedicated to lord Jagas. A famous Fulaich fair is celebrated in the place every year. The timing for the big fair is between the month of August and September.

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