What Makes Car Rental A Preferable Travel Option Post Novel Corona Pandemic?

Posted On September 25th, 2020

What Makes Car Rental A Preferable Travel Option Post Novel Corona Pandemic?

The recent outbreak of the Corona pandemic has influenced the lives of people in drastic ways. Not only the lifestyle and eating habits of people have changed but also their notion of safe travel. It is more challenging to step out of the house. People only go out when necessary. Definitely, with the increasing risk of exposure to the virus by contact, taking a taxi or e-rikshaw to commute is out of consideration. In this changing scenario, rental cars seem to be a preferable travel option during post novel Corona pandemic. Here are some characteristics that make car rentals the best travel option during the new normal. 

Strictly Abide by the Social distancing Norms

It is difficult to follow social distancing norms in public transport. Since many people travel via buses, autos, and shared taxis, you can come with many strangers thereby increasing the chances of getting infected by contact. However, reputable rental car services like Tempo Traveller Hire strictly follow the social distancing norms. Many of the rental cabs have plastic partitions installed between the passenger and driver seats. Moreover, the chauffeurs are properly dressed in masks and gloves. Rental cars are a saviour when you do not own a sedan. It is convenient to book a rental ride and get a cab ready at your service. You can also book a monthly car rental service and enjoy a quick commute whenever you need a ride to travel. You can discontinue the services whenever you find suitable or no longer need a ride. 

Travel Cautiously

Reputable car rental service providers like Tempo Traveller Hire are taking all necessary precautions to ensure customer safety. All the rental sedans are deeply sanitized after every rental ride. Every nook and corner of the car including the seats, door handles, gears, and other frequently touched surfaces are properly administered before a car is sent to pick up the next customer. Furthermore, all the drivers are being trained to follow all the safety measures to maintain the utmost level of hygiene.

Travel Anywhere Anytime

Rental car service providers operating in the country often have all-India permits. As a result, you get the freedom of travelling anywhere in the country anytime in a rental car without any problem. Either take a rental ride for a short road trip or have long-distance travel plans. Most of the rental sedans and tempo travellers are equipped with basic amenities like super-comfy push-back seats, ample boot space, capacious luggage carriers, first-aid boxes, and sources of entertainment. These fully-equipped rental sedans make travelling even more fun. 

Affordable Rental Charges

You can hire rental rides at pocket-friendly charges. The majority of rental car service providers offer affordable monthly fee packages covering insurance claims and other maintenance charges. Plus, you can quickly get a ride ready at your doorstep whenever you desire to travel. With door-to-door pick-and-drop services and affordable Rental Fares, rental cars are indeed the most preferable travel option for many.

Safe and Sanitized Rental Cars from Tempo Traveller Hire

Tempo Traveller Hire is amongst the best car rental service providers in Delhi. The booking process is easy and quick. You can visit our website, browse through the available rental car packages, select a sedan, and book a ride. You can also contact our tour operators for bespoke travel packages. Reserve a comfortable ride from our vast collection of luxury sedans and tempo travellers. Receive deeply clean and properly sanitised cars for every rental ride. Get your rental sedan ready at your doorstep or any preferable point of pick-up. You will be received by our courteous chauffeurs wearing a mask, gloves, and PPE kit. We also ensure doorstep sensitization for your satisfaction.

In these desperate times of the COVID pandemic, we provide completely safe contact-less pick-up and delivery services for our valuable customers. We follow all precautionary measures to provide a hassle-free commute and the best rental services to our customers. All our rental car packages are completely budget-friendly without any hidden charges. We may require some of your details to complete the basic identification process. We may give you a follow-up call with further KYC questions if any about your bookings. If you are a new customer, visit our website forthwith for amazing discounts and seasonal offers.

This COVID situation hardly seems to take a pause. Therefore, you should act smart and gear up well to travel safely. Get better protection against exposure to the virus by avoiding direct contact with strangers and co-commuters. Choose car rental services over public transport for safe travel and hassle-free commute. Visit our website and book a rental ride today!


Q1) What is your reservation process during COVID-19?

Ans. The rental process is more or less the same. You can book our rental cars online or contact our tour operators. We strictly practice social distancing to streamline your rental experience. Therefore, you can make an advance check-in and make payments online to ensure a low-touch rental process.

Q2) Is it safe to hire a rental car during COVID-19?

Ans. Yes, all our rental cars are completely safe to ride. Your safety is our prime concern. Therefore, we follow stringent security checks and deep sanitization for all our vehicles after every ride. We have trained our drivers to follow comprehensive mandates ensuring social distancing, proper hygiene, and zero transmission by contact.

Q3) What safety measures do you take for safe travel during COVID-19?

Ans. We periodically clean our vehicles between rental rides. The cleaning process involves washing, vacuuming, wiping, and deep sanitization with an alcohol-based disinfectant. All the high-touch points are thoroughly cleaned with utmost caution.

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