Staycation – An Emerging Trend in Travel Industry

Posted On October 6th, 2020

Staycation – An Emerging Trend in Travel Industry

The outbreak of the novel Corona has deeply influenced every aspect of our lives, from work and lifestyle to eating habits and travel preferences. Isn’t it? People are now bound to stay at home. Many industries have switched from a 9-5 office routine to a work from home praxis. However, you cannot retain wanderers in closed premises for long. They often find interesting ways to travel and effectuate their wanderlust. Staycation is such an emerging trend in the travel industry fueled by the wanderers. 

Staycation – A New Norm For Work and Travel

With the Corona pandemic in effect, when people are bound to their homes, you can beat your mundane work schedules by opting for a Staycation or Workation. The idea is to escape to a nearby destination and work from that place during your stay. A Staycation will not only provide you the much-needed break but also a change of mindset without influencing your work. Reenergize your senses with a change of location as you keep up your work schedules. 

Being homebound for long is enough for anyone to feel restless. When you are bound to work from home, suddenly, your peaceful abode seems to be chaotic, fuzzy, and over-detailed. In other words, it turns into a place you want to escape from. Give yourself the much-needed holiday by a road trip to somewhere close and appealing. Since there have been relaxations in travel restrictions due to the Unlock in effect, you can easily and conveniently travel across the country. Because of the new normal, more and more people are taking up this current travel trend of Staycations. 

Parallel Transformation in the Travel Industry

To support emerging travel trends, the travel industry itself is transforming at a high pace. Nowadays, when you opt for a staycation, you get a comfortable long stay equipped with all basic necessities like Wifi and other tech facilities to provide you a perfect workstation. More and more of the luxury hotels and rental service providers are catering to these changing travel needs. Hotels are offering appealing staycation packages specifically designed for families and working professionals.

In a nutshell, Staycations can give you the opportunity to have mini-vacations through a safe stay in the comfort of your city. Yes, you can also plan a short vacation in the city you live in. You can choose a hotel situated at a drivable distance from your home and enjoy the experience of a vacation through an indulgent stay in a luxury hotel. 

Nowadays, the majority of luxury hotels are committed to following hygiene protocols and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. Not only do they provide all essential IT amenities, but also offer other services like laundry at discounted prices to support a convenient stay. The introduction of this new workspace concept allows visitors to maintain their usual work routines all curled up in the comfort of safe luxurious surroundings.


Vacations With a Twist

Your stay at the hotel during a Staycation does not have to be mundane. How about a beach holiday or a city getaway? Whatever is your idea of a vacation, you can get a peaceful and rejuvenating break by opting for tailor-made experiences inclusive of your staycation package. Spend some quality time with your family as you work. Indulge in an assorted set of activities with your kids without missing a deadline. Admire pleasing vistas and picturesque views from the large windows of your spacious, sanitized, well-appointed rooms. In particular, unwind your senses and continue your work from fully-functional work desks and speedy internet services. 

Safer Rides for Innocuous Travel

Nowadays, most of the reputable car rental service providers are following strict protocols and stringent practices for utmost hygiene and cleanliness. We at Tempo Traveller Hire are committed to providing safer rides and memorable travel experiences. All our luxury sedans are deeply sanitized, aerated, and cleaned after every rental ride. Further, we train all our chauffeurs to practice hygiene and maintain cleanliness. 

Our rental sedans and tempo travellers are equipped with all basic amenities required for safe travel during these desperate times. You will find trash bags, tissue paper rolls, sanitizer, and water bottles for every passenger on board. Plus, we have installed plastic partitions between the passenger and driver seats to ensure zero transmission via contact. We also encourage advanced cashless transactions over on-arrival cash payments. 

Our modified travel packages allow you to have unforgettable trips at the most affordable prices. If you are also bored of staying and working from home, it is time to visit our website and book a rental ride to escape for a Staycation. Get a comfortable luxury sedan from Tempo Traveller Hire for a safe and unforgettable travel experience!!


Q1) Can I change the time for my rental pick-up and drop-off after booking?

Ans. Yes, you can modify the details of your reservation after booking. You can change the timings and location for pick-up and drop-off, the type of vehicle you have booked, as well as the date of your reservation.

Q2) What if I need to change my travel plans due to health issues?

Ans. In case, you need to change your travel plans due to health implications, you can talk to our customer care executives to reschedule your travel plans. You can also opt for cancellation.

Q3) Do additional charges apply if I postpone my reservation to date in the future?

Ans. In case, you change your reservation to a future date, the prices may vary depending on the availability of the type of vehicle. Also, different rental charges apply on weekdays and weekends. If there is a change in price, you only have to pay the differing amount. If the prices are lower in the future, your bookings will reflect the difference.

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