Tips for First-Time Travelers in India

Posted On June 12th, 2020

Tips for First-Time Travelers in India

Are you planning a trip to incredible India? This multifaceted country has vivid experiences to offer to its visitors. Capture the craziness of the country that overwhelms everyone in its chaotic and colorful bazaars. Take a dip into a rich cultural history at amazing architectural monuments and ancient remains. A mere visit to this land of wonders can be insanely intoxicating. 

With that said, visiting India can be exasperating for many tourists, especially first-time travelers. Along with all its goodness, there are other intimidating aspects of the country including bamboozling people and squalid localities. These aspects are extremely daunting and often overshadow the fantastic experiences this beautiful country has to offer. So, here are some tips for first-time travelers in India to prepare yourself for an ultimate travel escapade. 

Get Ready to Encounter a Culture Shock

You may have heard many stories and even overheard the travel experiences of other people about India to portray a picture of the country before arrival. Despite detailed research, India never fails to overwhelm travelers with a culture shock during the first visit to the country! 

Things are not done here the same way they are executed in your home country. Therefore, if you are a first-time traveler to India, be prepared to happily embrace the differences. Once you are ready to accept how things happen in India, you will find your visit to the country even more rewarding. 

Never apply your ideas, logic, and wisdom to understand the cultural practices we follow in India. If you come with an open mind, people in India will welcome you with a wide-open heart. No wonder, the hospitality of the people in India will touch your soul and leave a lasting impression on your mind.


Properly Plan Your Visit 

Remember, India is a huge country and you may not cover it all in a single trip. So, do not rush your visit to see it all at once. Even if you try, you will feel extremely exhausted and may miss out on various things worth admiration.

One more word of caution for travel enthusiasts willing to explore India is to decide on the type of experience you are looking for and select a perfect travel route accordingly. Figure out what interests you the most? What activities do you prefer while traveling? How much time do you have for your journey to India? An honest answer to these questions can help you plan a magnificent trip to this majestic land of wonders. 

Follow a classic trail by choosing some of the most popular and classic India tours such as the Golden Triangle. Explore the magnificence of the Mughal India through spectacular monuments with awe-inspiring architecture. Experience salvation at religious sites and amazing temples. 

Feel mesmerized at the tranquil beaches. Sense the adrenaline rush at various waterways. Encounter wildlife at various national parks and reserves all over India. Enjoy adventurous sports like trekking, skiing, and white-water rafting. Explore the spiritual side of India through various sacred locations and pilgrimage towns.

It is best to let a professional tour planner do the planning for your travel. You can also coordinate with reputable travel service providers. Japji Travel is a credible name in the tourist industry. 

We can help you plan a remarkable trip to India depending on your budget and travel preferences. Give us a quote for your budget and time and let us plan a perfect itinerary. Discover India like never before. We are best known for our budget trips and commendable customer services. 

alwar national park

Stay Calm and Avoid Arguments

India has gained a negative reputation for its touts, crowds, scams, and similar hassles. So, keep calm and negotiate to get the best deals. Some people in India can be short-tempered. Remain calm and try to avoid arguments. Remember, that foreigners may have to pay a little extra than the natives at various tourist places in India. Knowing the facts beforehand can save you from a troubled situation. 

Escape the Crowds

Many visitors like to enjoy the bustle and mayhem of India during festivals. If you are someone who wants to avoid the crowd, the country has plenty of quiet retreats to provide a relaxing escape. Spend some days downtown. Explore the backwaters and beaches. Admire the captivating hill stations and valleys. 

If you seek an authentic experience of the country, mingle with the locals, explore the countryside, and spend a few days in quaint villages. Learn a few basic words to ease out communication. Follow a conservative dress code that modestly covers your body.

Stay Healthy

India is a paradise for foodies but also has a notorious reputation for giving you an upset stomach. The local cuisines and tempting delicacies will keep your mouth watering. However, you should remember that Indian food is spicy. It may not suit the first-timers. So, stay cautious and watch what you eat. 


Q1. What can I do as a first-time traveler in India?

Ans. You can indulge in several activities in India. Get a historic tour of the country through breathtaking colonial architectures and spellbinding Mughal monuments. Explore the art and culture of India through various cultural tours. Take the architectural tour of Delhi to know more about the 11 dynasties that ruled India’s capital. 
India is zen for food lovers.  Taste delicious cuisines and mouth-watering local delicacies. Shop extravagantly at the flamboyant bazaars and flea markets. Book a photographic tour of the country to capture the best play of sun and shadows in breathtaking surroundings.

Q2. Is the entry-ticket for visiting the monuments included in the tour package?

Ans. No. You will have to pay the entry fee yourself at the various monuments.

Q3. What is the most striking feature for first-time visitors in India? How can I make the most of my trip when visiting India for the first time?

Ans. A rich cultural diversity, mouth-watering spicy delicacies, eateries at every street-corner, and the exhausting traffic are some of the most striking and immediately noticeable features for first-time visitors in India.
To make the most of your trip, get your tour planned by a professional service provider like Japji Travel. Always travel light and pack only the essentials. Further, coordinating with the locals can give you more insight into the different places in India.

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