Delhi to Dharamshala Travel Experience

Posted On June 9th, 2020

Delhi to Dharamshala Travel Experience

Some travel experiences stay with you forever. Especially when you have a nice ride, a bunch of friends, and a beautiful location to visit. Therefore, we offer you amazing tour packages to some of the most magnificent locations. We, at Japji Travel, strive to make every travel experience equally amazing and memorable. 

Dharamshala is a beautiful place primarily known as the land of Dalai Lama and for its Tibetan government-in-exile. You may find different stories unfolding as you enter this quaint town. McLeod Ganj, the capital of Dharamshala serves as the epicenter of tourism in this mystical town. Also, the route to Dharamshala is not straight forward. It takes an exhausting 18 km of the gradual uphill drive to reach Dharamshala from Kangra. 

Exploring Dharamshala

Located downhill the mighty Dhauladhar range amidst the Cedar forests, the hillside city of Dharamshala has a lot to offer to the tourists. The tranquil surroundings and mystical ambiance of the St. John Church keeps every visitor spellbound. Nestled in the wilderness, this old church built in a Gothic style looks incredible and appealing. 

The Tibetan influence is seen all over the town. There are various Buddhist monasteries and temples open for the tourists to pay a visit. Most famous of them are the Dalai Lama temple and the Bhagsunath temple. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to a goddess that appeals to many visitors. 

The refreshing waters of amazing waterfalls of Dharamshala can calm any tiring soul. Another beautiful attraction of the town is the Neddi’s point where you can encounter mist and clouds up close. Your journey to Dharamshala is incomplete without paying a visit to the famous War memorial. 

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If you are a shopaholic, a collector, or a fan of hand-crafted goods, you can find plenty of amazing merchandise from the McLeod Ganj market. From traditional winter-wear to dresses made with hand-woven fabric, this market offers amazing goods to entice visitors. 

You may find as many foreigners as Indian tourists in Dharamshala. If you want to get an authentic feel of the town then you must try some Tibetan delicacies. Not to forget a visit to the Shiva cafe, which is quite famous among tourists. Even getting to the cafe through hills and roads can be equally amazing. 

A Superb Ride for An Amazing Travel Experience

No journey can be accomplished without an appropriate ride. Isn’t it? A comfortable sedan makes your journey more worthwhile and enjoyable. Correspondingly, we at Japji Travel provide well-maintained, well-ventilated, and deeply sanitized chauffeur-driven rental vehicles for intercity and outstation trips. 

Many people hesitate to travel to a place when they do not understand the native language. Therefore, we make sure that you get an appropriate driver with your vehicle. Our drivers not only drive for you but can also guide you about the prime locations to visit in a place. They help you at every step so that you can understand the place better. 

Many of our skilled drivers can understand multiple languages and converse effectively as well. Their multilingual skills not only help you understand the native language but also make the visit cozier and hassle-free. They can even converse with you in any preferable language if Hindi or English is not your forte.

Your comfort and convenience is our top priority. All our rental vehicles have comfortable and spacious luxury interiors, relaxing pull-back seats, and easily operable luggage carriers for all your goods and chattels. We also provide basic amenities to the passengers like water bottles, tissue papers, and poly bags for easy disposal of trash. 

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Why Japji Travel?

We offer a number of choices for vehicles and a plethora of appealing tour packages to various destinations. Choose a Mercedes Benz or Tata Indigo. Book a Mahindra Xylo or a Honda city. Planning for a large group? How about booking a minibus or a luxury coach? You name it and we get it ready at your service.

The booking procedure is easy and quick. You can browse through our available tour packages for Dharamshala to book a fantastic vacation according to your travel preferences, number of days, number of passengers, and budget. We can also customize a tour package to accommodate your specifics.

We ensure to provide the best deals to our valuable customers. Plus, we provide you a guide-cum-driver. Our rental cars are quoted at the most competitive prices. Furthermore, our rental charges include driver charges, toll taxes, tariffs, random fares, and other inclusive expenses without any hidden costs. We believe in customer transparency. Therefore, we provide a detailed breakup at the time of payment of bills.

Japji Travel operates at the motto of the best customer services at the most competitive prices to provide you the best deals ever. If you are also planning a trip to Dharamshala, wait no further, pack up your bags, book a tour, and get ready for a best-ever travel experience from Delhi to Dharamshala with Japji Travel.


Q1. What time of the year is best for visiting Dharamshala?

Ans. You can experience the best of Dharamshala during the months of February to June. The weather is pleasant in this quaint town throughout spring and summer. The maximum temperature never goes beyond 25 degrees Celsius during this time of the year. You may encounter occasional snowfall during winters. So, if you love the valley covered in snow, Dharamshala is the most picturesque and appealing during the frigid winter season. 

Q2. How many minimum days do I need to cover most of Dharamshala?

Ans. You should plan a trip of at least three days if you want to cover the best of Dharamshala including McLeod Ganj, Palampur Tea Gardens, Kangra Fort, and Triund trekking zones.

Q3. What languages do the native people of Dharamshala speak? Can I converse with them in English?

Ans. Many of the native people of Dharamshala speak Hindi, English, Tibetan, and Kangri or Pahari, which is their local dialect. However, if you know a little English or Hindi, you can get by well. If you seek a deeper cultural experience, try learning the basic words of Hindi or Tibetan. Even if you are not well-versed in any of these languages, you can still get by in Dharamshala. People here are habitual to language diversity. Moreover, Dharamshala is well-known for its hospitality, patience, and understanding.

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