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Dharamshala is the city which is known by the name of Dalai Lama. The place is having a perfect blend of spiritual culture of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

McLeod Ganj is a suburban area in the city of Dharamshala. The place is commonly called “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa”. The place is having a good population of Tibetans. The Dharamshala international film festival held in this suburban area. Dal lake and Triund hill attract the most of the tourists. The city is open for all the months in the year. So you can go and visit the place whenever you want. The area is having greenery around and the view is picturesque.

The Masrur temple is located in Kangra valley. This place is situated in the eastern side of Himalayas. Kangri is the language spoken in the area and the population which resides there believes in different religions. The area is appreciated for the beauty around the valley.
Kareri dal lake is named after Kashmir. The place is a photographic delight and the serenity and peace are seen all around. The deodar vegetation covers all the area around the lake. This lake is a picnic spot in the area with the depth of 1775 meters.


Tsuglagkhang complex is located on the temple road. It is a religious center one of the important spiritual centers in the whole state. The temple was built in the year 1959 when the spiritual leader Dalai Lama came to India. The art and culture programmes held in the complex. There is a museum located inside the complex. The entry is free for all and the complex opens early morning and remains open until the dawn time.

Bhagsu falls is referred as the Milkyway fall. This is located nearby to the Bhagsunag temple. This place is considered as one of the main sights to visit in the city of Dharamshala. This fall is best for rafting and other adventures activities. The water falls from the height of 20meters.
Gyuto monastery is the home for Karmapa the head of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. The place is famous for the religious educational material and for all the spiritual lectures held there. The monastery is built as a sign of respect for the soldiers who devoted their lives to Tibet freedom. The architecture is totally a divine stuff with beauty all around and warmth. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is spiritual speech and one cant afford to miss the same.

In the 4th century b.c the Kangra fort was built. This is the oldest fort and largest in the Himalayan region. The river Manjhi and Banganga are located beside the fort. The museum of Sansar Chand Katoch is also there.

Kangra art museum is a magnificent hub that displays the Buddhist and Tibet culture altogether.the museum was opened in the 1990s. this is not to miss place if you are on a visit to Dharamshala. The museum showcases the beautiful paintings, armatures, weapons etc. the rare collection of coins can be seen here.

Naddi village is a small village located in the greenery of the state. The village is settled in the Kangra valley and deodar forests all around.
Bhasung temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.this place is a pilgrimage site for the Hindu devotees. This is one of the ancient temples in the country and it is visited frequently. The annual fair is held in the temple in the month of September.

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