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The Indian Switzerland is situated in Himachal Pradesh at Dalhousie the old and big British houses and architecture can be easily seen here. You can come and enjoy the peace and green valleys in any month of the year. The place witnesses the most of the tourists in the month of April.

Satdhara waterfalls are one of the loving picnic spots in the city. The water falls from the height of approximately two thousand meters.the literal meaning of the waterfall name is blended of seven streams. It is believed that the waterfall is having some medicinal properties. One can come and go for sightseeing in the area. Photography is the best activity to capture the beautiful moments.

The Laxmi Narayana temple is having religious importance according to Hindu mythology. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The temple was constructed by the kings of Chamba the special architecture of the temple invites a lot of people. The temple is built in the shape of shikara boat. This destination is highly recommended for religious people and architecture lovers too. Three different sanctums are also there named as Radha Krishna temple, Gauri Shankar temple and Shiva temple of Chandragupta. The temple is open for all the six days. You can go there and offer prayer and enjoy a religious picnic.
Bara pather is a most popular place to visit in the area. This is situated in the town of Alha. An additional travel spot is also linked with the monument that is potato farm. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary is the place which shows the complete wildlife and vegetation of the state. Animals like jackals, leopards, deer, langurs, and bears can be seen here. The wildlife sanctuary is situated under the shadow of big snow covered mountains. The sanctuary is all surrounded by oak trees, pine trees, and blue pine all around.

Subhash Baoli dedicated to Subhash Chandra Bose is there in the area of Dalhousie. The place is named so because during the freedom movement times Neta Ji came to this place and spend several months here. The streams, snow-covered mountains are there around the Baoli. One can sit and here experience peace here for hours.

At the height of 2775 meters above sea level. The Dainkund place is the highest peak in the Dalhousie area. Adventure lovers and trekkers come here to exploit their inner limits for the adventure. Daikund means house of the witches. The name is so because of the fairytales long ago it is said that the peak is the house if the witches ad the ghosts.
Ganji Pahari is named so because it is devoid of any vegetation be it wildlife or vegetation. This is a family and friends picnic spot. The place is crowded in the summers. A small temple is also situated on the top of the peak which is dedicated to goddess Kali. The peak is situated in the Himalayan range of mountains.

Chamunda temples are there on the banks of Baner river which is in Kangra district. It is believed that the temple was built back around 750 years ago. The architecture of the temple is simple with a spiritual touch. The temple is there in Dhauladhar range which attracts national and international tourists to the place.

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