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Timber trails situated in the small and beautiful area of Kausali. Kausali is considered as a small hill station in the state if Himachal Pradesh. The trail is surrounded by pine and coniferous forests. This place is perfect for the one who wants rest from the town surroundings. The place is also having ropeway rides. One can enjoy ropeway ride to a distance of about two kilometers in a stretch. This places us an adrenaline delight one can go and have good trekking experience there.

Monkey point situated in Kausali and it is one of the highest points in the town. The place is named after lord hanuman. There is a small temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. As it is the highest point in the town you can see a beautiful beautiful scenery all around. You can see Satluj river from the heights. According to old age people, it is believed that when Hanuman was carrying Sanjeevani for Lord Lakshman his foot touched this place. And the place is in shape of a foot. The small temple situated here is always crowded with monkeys.

The hill station of Kausali is famous for sunset and sunrise views. The place is a quiet spot to see the sunset, sunrise, and beauty of the place. There is a lane named as lover’s lane which is a peaceful route through which people go and explore the beauty.

The Christ church is located in the city of Kausali. A peaceful religious place is a peaceful place and a famous tourist spot for the travelers. The church was constructed in the year 1853 and the church is developed as a gothic style architecture. The place is having some beautiful glasswork which is Italian and Spanish and represents Christ, and saints.

Krishna Bhawan Mandir was built in 1926. The temple is quite old and beautiful. The place is made in a big area and the place is having religious importance as well. The European and Indian architectural style can be easily seen in the temple. The temple is built like a church. Some major and colorful fairs also happen in the temple surroundings. You can come and seek the blessings of God during the month of March to May.

The garden of Char Minar is also there and it is locally called as Mughal garden in Kausali. The famous Mughal emperor Jahangir built the temple for his beautiful wife. The garden is also named as Shalimar garden.the garden is in an area of about twelve hectares. The garden was built by a Mughal emperor so the style of construction is Persian. There are many fountains which are adding stars to the beauty of the garden. Springtime is considered the best to visit the place when all the flowers bloom to their beauty. The Pir Panjal ranges and Dal lake are situated nearby you can go there and see the beauty out there.

The Barog place is famous for the hill station, photography, and nature around it. The place is the delight for nature lovers you can go there and see the greenery all around in the sky touching mountains. This is a major stop for the one who is going to Kalka Shimla valley line. The pine deodar forests are there which constitute the beauty of the place. This is also called as the gateway of Punjab.

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