Hire Vanity Van And Chao Your Travelling Challenging In India

Posted On September 23rd, 2022

Hire Vanity Van And Chao Your Travelling Challenging In India

A vanity van for travelling around India is the best option due to this country’s diversity and vastness. Vanity vans have emerged as a great trend here.

It is mainly due to the outbreak of COVID-19, where people do not prefer travelling around public places.

You can avoid public transport and move to overcrowded hotels simply by travelling in a camper van.

Vanity Van makes your journey enjoyable and comfortable.

The limitations applying to the human mind are out of bound. Purchasing a camper van here can easily break away the geographical boundaries. Always select your spot to drive around locations without any difficulty.

You no longer have to worry about renting a room as you can easily get your seat booked for the camper van. You can even turn those seats into comfortable beds with great space inside for spending the night around.

Luxurious Interiors

When you book the tempo traveller vanity van on hire, you will get luxurious interiors with a greater emphasis on comfort levels. These interiors are of elegant class and extremely stylish. They are functional and practical too.

You are bound to get entertained and relaxed here with the right measures.

These vans come with a kitchen with crockery and microwave; they even have a lounge and bookshelf. It consists of a mini-refrigerator, decorated bedroom, dining, and washing room to help you enjoy yourself with your friends and family.


You will get several options to select from those fixed or rearrangeable beds. These beds are expandable, making more space for your bedroom in the vanity van.

You can easily increase or even reduce your sleeping capacities here. It is specifically helpful considering the larger groups who travel together by booking these services.

Flexible tables

These vans have flexible tables that get rearranged based on the requirement and occasion. The tables function in various ways, while you can opt for folding tables. You will find those adjustable or permanent tables too.

Functional Decor

The vans can be customized to meet your desired décor quotients and style. The service providers can match the traditional, sophisticated or modern styles for the décor. Simply get in touch with your service provider and inform them about your needs.

The customizations are applied easily. You will easily get several options ranging from the lighting, ceiling accents, side panels and more as you have various choices.

Entertainment System

Travelling is about visiting the places that interest you more; however, it is quite an entertaining experience.

The vanity vans have the latest gadgets that meet your entertainment requirements. These vans also come with the home theatre and television system.

You and your family can start to indulge in the entertainment and gaming section. Always listen to those favorite music bands and watch the latest movies. You can even stream the live TV.

Noise Cancellation

The vanity van arrives with its noise cancellation aspect blocking every noise that may invade the private spaces. It allows you to aim for the entertainment and relaxation that is vital.

Ambient Lighting

These LED lights offer greater ambient lighting to your van. You can easily set the mood of the van with this kind of lighting suiting every mood. You are even creating this ambient lighting that appears like a party, sleep, and more with your mobile phone or a tablet.

Kitchen & Pantry

You can easily get the pantry and kitchen when selecting the vanity van services. There is a mini kitchen that arrives with the electric kettle, microwave and refrigerator that satisfies your hunger.

Onboard Washroom

These vans offer you the top-class vanity van experience as it comes with an onboard washroom. You can easily have the luxury of showering inside this van easily. You can even get some rest by showering one as it is a great benefit whenever you are booking one to travel India.

Charging Ports

This vanity van has charging ports that help you charge several devices. You can get your laptops, mobiles, and DSLRs to start charging up and operating when they are completely charged here.

You can start travelling with the entire knowledge about each device inside this van.

The recent analysis of the trend for vanity van

Every man has craved to lead a lifestyle of a hitchhiker.

They may hop from each ride as they travel to the country by taking the vanity van on their own. They even live comfortably while on the move.

The trend is extremely popular with those who wish to take a break from their routine. The vanity van hire services are the recent outlook to what the people are looking at during this time.

The trend is here to stay and quite popular among travellers who wish to break out from the hectic and mundane outlook of their daily lives. In recent times, people here are considering it as their option lifestyle as these trends are ongoing.

Hiring the vanity van during the pandemic outbreak

The recent condition of the COVID outbreak in India will surely offer people a look into the willingness to try this vanity van lifestyle.

Living by this lifestyle will ensure greater safety. It reduces the human interactions that are no longer required.

It will ensure that they are not catching the viruses from any unwanted sources like the overcrowded ness of the city.

People often look for more travel ways to help uplift the entire lockdown mood. It restricted the tourists from looking into the recent attractions of the country.

Travelling to beautiful locations, people even started buying vanity vans or renting one.

Closing thoughts

The world is still in the mode of adaptation to the pandemic and the recent lifestyle changes, it is time you started travelling. It is time to get your exploration shoes on and move ahead travelling in the vanity van.

This way, you can feel distanced from the city’s commotions.

What is the rate of hiring a tempo traveller?

We have a range of prices for hiring a tempo traveller. The rates differ according to the model of the tempo traveller, the length of time you want to hire it for, and whether or not you want any additional features.

How can I hire a Vanity Van?

You can easily hire a Vanity Van by going to our website and filling out the form. We will then get in touch with you and provide you with the necessary information.

How do I know if the company is legitimate?

Always do your research before hiring any company. You can check reviews online, and also contact the company directly to ask any questions you may have. A legitimate company will be more than happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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