Choose a Tempo Travellers 7-Seater

Posted On January 11th, 2019

Choose a Tempo Travellers 7-Seater

Why you should choose a 7-seater Tempo Travellers for your next family holiday

You could be a group of friends or just intimate family members wanting to have a weeklong break in a part of India. Instead of train or plane travel, both inconvenient and expensive, why not enjoy your trip more by taking a bus ride? This way, you can stop at small quaint towns and villages and get a better sense of the landscape, culture and history of India.

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In India, there may be many companies that offer 7-seater bus accommodation, but when it comes to group travel, one name comes to mind Tempo Traveller. Tempo Travellers 7-Seater is designed to comfortably accommodate seven passengers. These vans can be customized for you and you can trust them to reach you as promised from stop to stop. These vehicles have been manufactured by Force Motors, an Indian automobile concern, which makes these vans ideally suited for Indian road conditions.


A typical 7-seater Tempo Travellers van is Available Also With Air Suspension and is endowed with several features, which make it the absolute choice of discerning travellers. They come in AC variants. Their salient features are:

  • 7 Fully push-back seats, large windows with blinds and ample boot space
  • Credible and agreeable seats
  • Slick and clean seat covers
  • DVD and plasma TV
  • Shading LCD (according to accessibility)
  • Uniformed driver with roaming mobile phone
  • Uniformed cleaner in uniform
  • First-aid kit for emergencies
  • Calfskin fabric upholstery
  • Headrest and neck rest
  • Individual safety belts
  • Adequate leg space
  • Stereo framework
  • Cooler
  • Adequate space for gear
  • On-top bearer

More features: A 7-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller can accommodate seven people, apart from two seats for the driver and helper. You can rent a self-driven car or hire the services of a driver and cleaner too. Air-conditioned buses cost more than the non-air-conditioned ones.

All-India reach: No matter which part of India you might like to see, you can easily hire this vehicle, particularly major destinations like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, etc. Tempo Traveller has the largest fleet of 7-seater buses, so you will always find a vehicle of your needs when you want one.

Robust and comfortable: By taking one look at it in real-time, you will know immediately that this is highly robust and will withstand any untoward incidents on the way. Its overly comfortable seats make your long journey more enjoyable and relaxing. It also has a large boot at the rear of the vehicle, offering ample leg room for the passengers and the driver so that they are not uncomfortable over a long journey.

Entertainment: As the van moves on, you can push back your seat entirely and get down to watch a film on an LCD screen. When you want a change from that, switch to Hi-Def music. You might like to have a drink and snacks while you watch the film or listen to music, so we offer you an ice box too. At other times, you are provided with the local newspaper too.

Safety: It is designed to be safe and offer you complete safety even on difficult and bumpy terrain. Your safety is of utmost importance while in a 7-seater Tempo Traveller. Bearing this aspect in mind, you get the benefit of features such as a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit

Cleanliness and Hygiene: The duty of the cleaner in your van is to maintain a clean and hygienic van, with neat interiors and exteriors. The driver is usually courteous, English-speaking, and has immense experience in taking customers on bus journeys.

  • You will find many agencies throughout India, what makes Japji Travel unique is we stay loyal to our clients and have agency branches spread almost all over India. We have gained the trust of our users and proved ourselves again and again, we have gained the trust of not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Delhi very soon. One of your main concerns is sure to be how to get around this vast city, exploring historical sights, navigating through the traffic and reaching one end of the city from another. Depending on your group size, the car you need can be organized and booked for you at an affordable price. We are available 24×7 and can customize for you.

The 7-seater Luxury Tempo Traveller van is for seven people and is ideal for a small family or a small business group, holidaying in Delhi. These tempos are available at competitive prices all over Delhi. You can choose from the AC and non-AC variants according to your needs.

You can see Delhi by hiring a tempo traveller at We are always ready to respond to you with a reasonable price and always focus on how to make your journey comfortable & memorable. We always keep our word and treat you as our family member. That’s why we are at the top of others. Our drivers are highly experienced having good ideas regarding the tourist places. We have multiple payment options having a coupon to get a discount for your trip. To know more reach us today and make your trip amazing.

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