5 Amazing Road Trips in India

Posted On June 10th, 2019

5 Amazing Road Trips in India

5 Amazing Road Trips in India

India is one such country of the world which is known for its scenic beauty. It attracts people from different parts of the world including different corners of India to explore its beauty. The natural beauty is well explored when you choose a road trip in India. There are some of the Best Indian road trips which you will enjoy completely when you embark in the journey. We picked 5 amazing road trips in India which is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

manali road trip

1 Chandigarh to Manali: The trip via road from Chandigarh to Manali is definitely one of those road trips which are perfect for unwinding the mind and exploring the scenic beauty on the way. The total distance is 300 km on road and suitable to travel by car. It is one of the comfortable as well as the fastest ways to travel from Chandigarh to Manali as it gives perfect relaxation to mind and soul besides a smooth drive. To cover the distance you will need around 5 and a half hours. The roads are bit rugged one but still, it offers the true essence of a fantastic road trip in India.   It is defiantly one among the 5 amazing road trips in India.

2 Manali to Leh: The total distance that you need to cover is 479 km and will take 48 hrs to complete the trip. You need to drive through Leh Manali Highway. You must have visualized this route several times in many Bollywood films and few words are just not enough to express the beauty of the route. The dark moist grey roads at the backdrop of snowy mountain slopes give an electrifying look and feel to this trip.

3 Bikaner to Jaisalmer: The distance which you need to cover via driving from Bikaner and Jaisalmer is close to 332 km. The driving directions are easy to follow. You need 4 and half an hour’s time to cover the distance. If you are traveling in the summer months then take a sufficient amount of cold water to drink along with you. This is definitely one of the Best Indian road trips worth exploring.

4 Mumbai to Pune:  The trip through Mumbai Pune Expressway is one of the most appealing and loved road trips for the travelers who prefer traveling via road compared to rail and air. The picturesque surrounding which includes mountains, soft wind at the high altitude, lush greenery and panoramic scenery will turn the trip into an extraordinary one. The total time needed to cover the trip is 2 hrs. The total distance is 93 km and will lead to the beautiful destination of Lonavala.  There are some good dhabas on the way to Pune where you can enjoy good food at the best price.

5 Delhi to Shimla: The distance between Delhi to Shimla Via road is around 352 km and you need nonstop 7 hrs to reach the destination. What makes this trip a refreshing one is the smooth road with a constant flow of windy air. The view you get on both sides of the road is so panoramic that you will be blessed and grateful to yourself for selecting this trip for your vacation. If you are a foody person then you will get several dhabas on the way to Shimla serving mouthwatering tasty and quality food. Don’t forget to try the piranhas with a layer of butter and achar as it will give a positive kick to the experience you gather on this trip.

For more information about the pros and cons of the above road trips, it is advisable for you to get in touch with the industry experts to get feedback about the easiest routes, right time, quality food and beverages. The above road trips make its entry in the list of 5 amazing road trips in India.

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