Why Renting A Car Is A Good Idea?

Posted On June 25th, 2020

Why Renting A Car Is A Good Idea?

Renting a car is a proliferating business in India. More and more people nowadays prefer leasing a car than buying one. Even those who own one prefer taking a rental ride for long-distance trips or one-way intercity travel. Many qualitative factors that favor car rentals. Not to mention the freedom and convenience but also safety and privacy. 

Nowadays you can rent various cars from hatchbacks to luxurious sedans and SUVs depending on your budget, lifestyle, and convenience. No matter what is your requirement, you will find a rental vehicle right in your budget. Moreover, you can book a rental car in a breeze. All these rental services are just a click away. Simply install the car rental app or visit the website and get the convenience of rental booking at your fingertips. 

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Relish a journey or a road trip with maximum comfort, fewer apprehensions, and a private luxury sedan ready at your service. Not to forget a friendly chauffeur who will guide your way to the destination. Plus, there are several perks to accompany car rental. Here are some major factors that make renting a car a good idea.


Renting a car is extremely cost-effective. While you need to do detailed research and financial planning while buying a car, renting one is way too easy. Further, you need to pay huge installments oftentimes for a self-owned car. Renting one, on the other hand, is way too cheap and affordable. That is why many people choose to rent a car against buying one. 

Best for Occasional Travel 

Having a self-drive personally owned vehicle makes sense when you have to carry it every day from home to office and vice versa. But what about your occasional travel plans when the idea is not to focus on driving but making the most of your holidays with family or friends? 

Again, rental cars are best when you are not using a car frequently for daily commute but just for weekend outings. Why buy a car when you can rent it for your holiday trips by spending a minimal amount? No tension of daily maintenance or parking issues as well with a rental vehicle

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Add Variety to Your Ride

Why ride the same vehicle every time, when you can rent an all-new luxury sedan every time for a trip? When you own a vehicle, you try to use it for the maximum potential and financial value for every ride. Of course, even if you like a new model, you cannot go on buying a new car every year not until you have utilized the previous one for its cost. However, you can add variety to your travel experiences with rental cars. Book a different model for every next weekend trip according to your predilection and travel requirements.

Worry-free Travel Without Parking or Maintenance Issues

Parking has been a growing issue in the majority of metropolitan cities over the past few years. So beware, if you are taking a personal vehicle for a journey, you need to locate proper parking locations which may take a lot of effort and time. Moreover, even if you somehow manage to find a space to park your vehicle, the parking cost may be way too high. 

You never have to worry about any of such issues with rental cars. All you worry about is enjoying your ride to the fullest. Again, maintenance of the car can be intimidating for many. You need to invest a good amount of resources, time, and money regularly for keeping a well-maintained car. If you are not ready to put in the efforts, patience, money, and time, then you should opt for budget-friendly car rental solutions.

Another factor that may influence your car budget is the fluctuation in fuel prices. But with rental vehicles, you do not have to worry about any surges in the fuel prices. Get a more relaxing long-distance trip and spend more time with your family and friends with a rental vehicle.

Chauffeur-Driven Rides for Easy Commute 

One of the primary reasons for which many people opt for chauffeur-driven rental rides, especially for long-distance travel, is the freedom and convenience of not driving by themselves. So, you get more time to enjoy your trip than focusing on crossroads and steep turns. Just relax in the backseat while a professional driver operates the vehicle. 

So, renting a car is a good idea indeed. Reputed rental service providers like Japji Travel offer a variety of car rental services with well-maintained, best quality, and reliable vehicles. You can easily book a ride by selecting from an array of choices depending on your travel preferences and budget. Get an easy pick and drop doorstep to doorstep from any location of choice. Check out our best deals and join the pool on rental riders today!


Q1. What if for some reason I couldn’t pick up the rental vehicle?

Ans. In case you haven’t picked up your vehicle, visit our website to view, modify, reschedule, or cancel your reservation. Make sure you correctly fill in all the mandatory fields. Correctly enter your confirmation number and name to help easily locate your reservation. If you face any issue, you can contact our customer care executives for assistance and further guidance. Remember, if you make any changes like modifying your pick-up address, drop-off location, or date and time of reservation, you may need to pay a revised fee because of a change in your fare charges, taxes, surcharges, or other fees. Carefully check our rate quotes before verifying your reservation.

Q2. Can I make quick reservations for a chauffeur-driven rental car service?

Ans. Yes, you can. However, to accommodate chauffeur-driven car reservation requests, we appreciate it if you book on at least 3-hours of advance notice. Further, your services will be fully pre-paid. We may require your credit/debit card information to clear the payment and include any extra charges such as additional mileage, additional time, and so on wherever applicable.

Q3. How do I receive a confirmation for my reservation?

Ans. We send a detailed confirmation voucher immediately on receipt of payment. We e-mail the vouchers for reservation confirmation when you book online once we receive your payment. In case of a holiday, a copy of the detailed voucher is mailed to you on the next business day.

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