Tips to remember while travelling with family and kids

Posted On March 27th, 2017

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Style of travel has evolved throughout the last couple of years. Be it for solo travellers or for couple or even for families, the core travel habits remain the same. We share with you here some of the expert tips to follow when travelling with children and family.

  • Slower pace of travel

Plan for the travel in a slower pace than you would have planned for yourself. Be realistic about what needs to seen when travelling with kids. It is wise not to cram too much into a single day’s itinerary. Stress-free travel for everyone leads to a relaxing holiday. The pace of the trip, for most of the tour planning should be done in accordance to what your youngest child can handle. Bathroom breaks, snack breaks and nap time are essential while travelling with kids and old people.


  • Consider family travel preferences

Discuss your ideas and interests with the rest of the family members. Most memorable trips are those where every member of the family can enjoy equally. Budgets, expectations and outdoor activities are kind of amongst the most important things to be settled before planning a holiday. Involve both parents and children in choosing destinations for the vacation.


  • Pack smart

It is ideal to pack the bare minimum when touring with kids. Unless you are going to a very offbeat destination, which is hardly the choice while travelling with family, you can always buy what you need in your destination. it is a good habit to encourage kids to choose and pack their own. Versatile and comfortable clothes with dark colour-coordinated separates are the best possible choice.

  • Be prepared for the climate

In tail to the last point, children should be dressed comfortably for the weather. With all the gear available, there is no point carrying loads of ski-suits while travelling to Himalayan ranges. same for the beach destinations, keep the sunscreen and other lotions handy.


  • Put the phone away

Social media takes a lot of our life nowadays. Time away needs to nothing but keeping the phone away and enjoy a quality time with the family. Facebook, work email, text conversations etc. does not add to the memory. Instagram might not be after all the best thing you want to remember after years!


  • Dependence on apps

Apart from being the most compact form of entertainment, there are various apps now which help to get the latest details on the room availability, the immediate emergency numbers, train schedules and more. In the age of smart phone, it is wise to have the apps installed, irrespective of travelling with or without the guidance of a travel agent.

  • Flexibility

Travel experts suggest to avoid the peak holiday periods when planning a vacation with kids. This is all the more beneficial as you can save big on flights and accommodation. In fact, you can also consider the airfare sales to help determine the family vacation destinations and get the trip under budget.

  • Public transport usage

The novelty of travelling by train, bus and boat, is amazingly new for toddlers. Knowing the names of the metro stops, bus stops or stations add to the juvenile fun of the children. And on a broader context, it helps to save on the budget.

  • The medicine

Routine, jet-lagged, or eating less -whatever be the reason, kids frequently fall sick on holidays. Frayed temperaments and fevers are common issues. So get the basic medicines handy. If there is any regular medication on the block, carry those medicines in extra, as you never know whether they will be available everywhere or not.

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