The story of Patwon Ji ki Haveli- Jaisalmir

Posted On August 12th, 2017

The story of Patwon Ji ki Haveli- Jaisalmir


A very important and royal destination of India which is must to visit for all to know the Culture of Rajasthan and its history closely is Jaisalmer. One of the unique pieces of Architectural art of this place is Patwon Ji ki Haveli. It is one of the most important one to visit if you are in this location for exploring the beauty and history of this place. There are some reasons behind it. This is the very first Haveli which was constructed in the land of Jaisalmer and this is not exactly a single piece of Haveli.


It has 5 small havelis inside it which you can see once you step inside. The first among these 5 havelis was constructed way back in the year 1805. It was by Guman Chand Patwa. As per the information of the local people and some historical data Chand Patwa was a very rich man and was known for his established trading business. He was having that financial power to go for construction of such a lavish Haveli. Because of his lavish Ideas and capacity to bear such lavishness he during that period decided to decided to construct 5 separate havelis inside one for his 5 sons. He managed to complete the construction in a time span of 50 years. Complete completion took 10 more years.


In the pages of history the havelis are popular ‘mansion of brocade merchants’. How far information is available about the story of this havelli, based on that we can say the name was given because of the fact the family was into the business of threads made of gold and silver. These threads were used for making exclusive embroideries on the typical Rajasthani Attire. Even it is believed that the family managed to earn a lot through money lending and smuggling business. This is one of the biggest Haveli located in Jaisalmer and located at the end of a narrow lane in Jaisalmer. The Haveli is now under the possession of Indian Government which makes it use for multiple purposes. If you want to know the history of this Haveli better along with history of Jaisalmer, you will be happy to know that the center of Archeological Survey of India and State art and craft department is located right inside this Haveli. You can speak with the experts of this department to know better.

Still there are some excellent mirror work and paintings on the walls of this Haveli. The gateways and the arches of this havelli will surely impress you. The Haveli is made of yellow sandstone and the gate is made of brown color which makes it look even more attractive.


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