Review on Himachal Tour

Posted On September 12th, 2016

Review on Himachal Tour

Himachal Tour By Tempo Traveller With My Friends


If there is heaven on earth then it is in Himachal (India). I recently visited himachal with my friends, there is cool everywhere in Himachal. I had enjoy my trip much in Himachal with my friends a lot there are lot of places in Himachal to visit but I liked most in my trip places like Kullu, Shimla , Manali, chamba, Kangra and Dalhousie. Himachal is unique cultures which are totally different from other parts in India. We did ice skating in Shimla which I enjoy most. There are also lots of temples in himachal also which increase the beauty of Himachal.

Himachal has a unique nature; the nature of himachal is so beautiful. There are colors in Himachal everywhere. We enjoyed our trip fully. I any one asks me to chose place in India for their vacation then I will recommend him without even thinking. The snow falls in Manali was so beautiful there are lot of mountain and valleys in Manali which were covered with snow. Himachal is also famous for shawls, carpet, silver and metals. There are also some shopping places in Himachal which are preferred by most people who visit Himachal. I had shopped these things for my family.

himachal tour

Our accommodations were also good our trip organizer also took care about our every single need. On every destination there was a guide who guides us and tells us about the history of places which great knowledge. We enjoyed our trip full and lived thousands time in single second when we were on our trip. It was unforgettable trip for me. I will never forget this trip that I visited heaven on earth with my friends. Even I will again visit this place after time to time.

If you are hills lover then Himachal is a place which you like most, this is perfect place for hills lovers. Definitely you will enjoy your vacation in Himachal and you mood will also refresh. Also you will visit famous places in Himachal and famous things in Himachal like Shimla and Kullu famous in Himachal for apples. On the other hand Mandi is famous for its Shivratri Festival. There are lots of places in Himachal for visiting. You should have to choose himachal for your holiday

Apart from this our trip organizers were also good. All the arrangement for trip was done by Japji Travel. They were organize our trip excellently and we travel hassle free traveling in Himachal with the help of Japji travel I will also recommend to you for your trip organizer surely you will their services as we had.

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