Rent a Luxury Car for a Glamorous Wedding

Posted On July 23rd, 2020

Rent a Luxury Car for a Glamorous Wedding

Indian weddings always have a traditional and splendid flavor with amazing rituals and a dash of extravaganza. Be it the wedding attire, the decorations, the food, or the farewell vehicle. Everything planned to the last detail. Many of the Indian weddings showcase a perfect blend of modern razzmatazz and royal traditions. Certainly, a “Big Fat Indian Wedding” will be incomplete without a glamorous luxury vehicle. Isn’t it? However, you can create the luxe blend without spending exuberant amounts or digging a hole in your pockets.

If you also aspire to have a royal wedding, you can add more glitz to your special day with a luxury car on rent. Make your lifetime event even more extraordinary with a magnificent sedan that speaks royalty and grandeur. We at Tempo traveller hire, rent chauffeur-driven luxury cars for glamorous weddings.

Add More Glam to Your D-Day With Rental Luxury Cars

One of the latest trends in today’s Big Fat Indian Weddings is to enter the arena in a glittery, awe-inspiring, luxurious sedan. So, it should be of no surprise if you find factory-made masterpieces from leading brands proudly parked outside a wedding venue. Certainly, not everybody can afford to buy one. 

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Therefore, rental service providers like Japji Travel offer an exciting solution where you can rent a luxury vehicle of choice for your most auspicious occasion of a lifetime. Not only do these sumptuous sedans boost your royalty quotient, but they also add an unforgettable delight to your special day. Isn’t it? Use a luxury vehicle for a grand entry with the Baraat. Take your beloved bride home in this lavish ride on wheels instead of a palanquin. 

A Dream Car for Every Wedding

With more and more people seeking luxury vehicles to flaunt at their weddings, the demand for rental luxury cars is on the rise. Nowadays, you can select from a host of dream cars to add a pinch of razzle-dazzle in your overall wedding theme. You can easily rent some of these expensive beauties from Japji Travels at the most affordable prices. No ownership nuisance and no overflowing budgets. Glamorous weddings with expensive rental sedans are new and increasing drifts in the fast-growing space of luxury car rentals.

Pocket-Friendly and Safe Rental Options from Japji Travels

We at Japji Travel are committed to providing quality services at most competitive prices. Therefore, we offer a plethora of choices to our patrons when it comes to high-end cars on rent. With more and more people following suit across the country, our pocket-friendly rental options of extravagant vehicles prove handy to materialize your dream weddings. 

We also provide affordable packages to hire luxury rental cars from Delhi for popular wedding destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. Do you have a wedding destination in mind? Collaborate with our tour operators to get the best fully-equipped comfortable luxury vehicle on rent for your wedding day right under your budget. 

All our rental sedans are periodically checked for technological issues and cleanliness so that you get the most comfortable rental ride in your private luxury coach. Periodical checks include complete sanitization and aeration for a purified circulation of air. Plus, all our luxury cars on rent are equipped with basic amenities like water bottles, tissue papers, and more.

Your safety is our prime concern at Japji Travel. Consequently, we conduct thorough checks and stringent screening to assess the best candidates for driving our luxury rental sedans. Get the best rental ride experience with friendly chauffeurs and congenial sedans.

Easy Bookings for Our New Age Customers

Wedding affairs can be tiring and intimidating. So many things to accomplish and so much planning to execute. Right! But booking a rental luxury car is indeed not one of those tiring tasks. Courtesy of advancements in technology, the process of renting a luxury vehicle is easy, convenient, paperless, and efficient. You can easily book a luxury car on rent with the click of a button from your handheld device or cellphone.   

Our mobile-first solutions provide you the convenience and liberty of booking a luxury rental car right at your fingertips. Browse through our amazing packages for wedding car rental services. We also provide customized packages as per customer preferences. Whether you need a luxury rental sedan for important nuptial ceremonies or pick and drop facilities for your guests. You can quickly book amazing luxury vehicles on rent from Japji Travel at the most affordable prices.

For any further queries, feel free to connect with our tour operators or make a call to our 24×7 customer care. You can also drop a mail with your query regarding wedding car rentals. We will write back to you within 48 hours. Get ready for the wedding bells with the most comfortable sedans for your grand Indian matrimony.


Q1. What services do you provide under wedding car rentals?

And. We provide luxury rental cars for the nuptial ceremonies like the grand entry of the groom in the venue and the farewell of the bride during the departure of Barat. We also provide rental cars for an in-between commute like picking and dropping the bride from home/parlor to the venue, and for easy transportation of your guests.

Q2. Can I book a rental luxury sedan from Delhi to Jaisalmer for a week-long destination wedding?

Ans. Yes, you can. Coordinate with our tour operators for best deals and customized booking packages. Our customer care operatives can guide you further about your bookings and reservations.

Q3. What do the rental charges include?

Ans. The rental charges you pay include every expense from driver charges (boarding and lodging), parking charges, fuel, insurance, and all other inclusive taxes. You’ll not have to pay anything extra afterward.

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