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The Pushkar city of Rajasthan state is famous for its vibrant colors and religious sites. There are many shops which can be seen and they all are lined up in the sequence of different colors and warmth with some vibrancy of the traditions.
The city of Pushkar is a hilly area. One can have camel rides over the sand dunes of Thar desert. The only temple of Lord Vishnu names Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is situated in Pushkar city.the Pushkar lake is the main pilgrimage site in the city. The lake is having 52 ghats where one can take bathe.
On the top of Ratnagiri hill, the Savitri temple is situated. The temple was built in the year 1687. The temple is dedicated to Savitri who came here and rester after revolting with her husband on marrying another woman. The path which led to the temple is a located on a hill. The temple is situated in a peaceful ambiance. One can easily see the desert and Pushkar lake from the top of the temple. The temple is having religious importance associated with it.
The famous and colorful Pushkar camel fair is organized in the city. Every villager from Rajasthan comes to the fair with their camels for certain competitions and activities held in the fair. This is considered as the largest gathering of the desert animal. Around 50,000 camels come to the fair every year. The fair is celebrated in the November month in the district of Ajmer. The camels dress up beautifully and parade with their respective dresses. Various camel races are organized during the fair. The famous snake charmers and street performers showcase their talent in front of the tourists who accumulated to enjoy the fest of the camel.
The Pushkar lake is having some more than fifty ghats for the devotees who visit the lake to take bath and wash their sins off. According to some mythological facts lord, Brahma was looking to conduct a religious ceremony. He asked a lotus flower to guide him to this path. The lotus flower had taken him to the Pushkar lake. It is said by the devotees that taking a dip in the lake will wash the sins of the sinner. The lake is having an aquaculture body in it where different types of fishes live and spend their life spans. During the migratory season, many birds come and live here for a particular period of time.
One of the ancient temples in Pushkar is Varaha temple. The temple is dedicated to Varaha who was believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The beautiful masterpiece was built in the 12th century. After the Mughal emperor distorted the temple, Raja Sawai Jai Singh 3 restored the temple beautifully again.
The busiest tourist destination in Pushkar is the Pushkar market or we can say Pushkar bazar. This is one of the top visited destinations on a trip to Pushkar. The market is well known for the rose pulp and you can go and see the basic culture of Pushkar city there. Gulkhand and rose syrups are the most common and well-known product in this market. One can buy some Rajasthani costumes here. The proper Rajasthani embroidered clothes, the glasswares, lac bangles, utensils of brass, leather bags and belts are there at a reasonable price.

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