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Jaisalmer is a city situated on the western side of the Rajasthan. The city of Jaisalmer has many iconic landmarks and havelis. The city is also called the Golden City and Thar desert is located at the sides of the city.

The most iconic landmark in the city is Jaisalmer Fort. It is considered one of the largest forts in the world. The fort is built on the hill Tirukuta. The king Rao Jaisal made the fort. The fort is also called as sonar quila or golden fort because of the presence of the Thar desert at its boundaries. The fort is measured to be 250 feet tall and the walls are made up of crenellated sandstone.

A little away from the golden city a place named Kuldhara is situated. This is a village named Kuldhara abandoned village and it is called a ghost village. No one has lived in the village for centuries. The village is termed as haunted by many people and groups living in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer. There is a story behind the haunted village. It is said by some people earlier the village was occupied by some Paliwal Brahmins who later left the village in the night because of some bad happenings. People living nearby state that there is no clue how the Brahmins left the village all they can make is some wild guesses.

Salim Singh ki Haveli is the destination which attracts lots of tourists to it. The haveli was built in the eighteenth century. At that time the prime minister Jaisalmer Salim Singh commissioned the building.  The design of the monument is different its roof represents that of a peacock back. The monument is situated between the high hills.

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The beautiful city has a national park named a desert national park. The park gives knowledge about how the animals and plants survive on hot sunny days in the Thar desert.  The botanists and nature lovers visit the place and learn many things from the museum. Many species of flora and flora are seen in the boundaries of the national park. One can come and See Wolf, chinkara, blackbuck and desert cats in the place. The state bird of Rajasthan also lives in the park and the early morning, one can easily catch the view of the great Indian Bustard. The park is a part of the Sudashri forest.

A private museum is also there which is based in the Thar desert. The privately owned museum has antiquities, turbans, musical instruments, fossils, and kitchen hardware to showcase the tradition of the rich and diverse state.

A nice and big cultural centre is also there in the city to promote the beautiful culture of the state all across the globe. One can come and learn more about the culture and heritage of the state. The museum showcases the coins which were from the medieval period.

Akal Wood Fossil Park is a park which is one of its kind. One can go and enjoy the prehistoric time. The park has many fossils of trees which are of different shapes and sizes.

The same dunes are one of the breathtaking places to visit in the beautiful city. The desert dunes here are the most authentic in the whole country and you should visit this place once. One can find dunes of 30 to 60 meters in height in the desert. There are various types of desert camps organized in the destination. You can enjoy the beauty of the dunes by riding in a jeep or having a ride over a camel.

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