Planning For Long Travel In India: Tempo Traveller Got You Covered

Posted On August 31st, 2022

Planning For Long Travel In India: Tempo Traveller Got You Covered

India is a famous country among travel enthusiasts. Several travellers from every corner of the globe are attracted to this nation.

There are a few ideal road trips you can plan in India that will make you go in awe.

When you plan a trip to India with your friends and family, the best solution is to hire tempo travellers.

The rustic image of India forms its strength. It has a diverse lifestyle and people. India attracts comprehensive attention from travellers worldwide.

While speaking about India as the pro country for tourism, we talk about its lavish royalties, scenic beauties, astonishing hospitality from heritage, and entertaining road trips.

Today, we have enlisted a few of the best traveling experiences, especially road trips, by hiring tempo travelers.

On Route Travel Destinations in India

Bikaner to Jaisalmer

The distance you plan to cover between Bikaner and Jaisalmer is about 300+ km.

Some guidelines are easy to understand. The entire distance gets covered in about 4 hours 30 minutes.

It is one of the iconic journeys you will make well worth exploring.

Chandigarh to Manali

The entire drive to Manali from Chandigarh is surely the best road trip. You will love the way you get a chance to relax and explore the scenic beauty.

The highway mileage is about 300 km, best for driving on your own or renting a tempo traveller.

It allows your spirit and mind to get the ideal comfort and a seamless journey.

This route takes five hours and thirty minutes. But it offers the real ethos of the lovely road trip to India.

Manali to Leh

The total distance you will cover on the road is 400+ km, while the journey takes 48 hours. It goes through the Expressway of Leh-Manali.

The scenic beauty and landscapes will surprise you. The damp, dark grey roads near the snow-capped hills offer spectacular views.

Delhi to Shimla

The total distance here is 350+ km. The journey is comfortable and takes seven hours to reach the destination.

The ride is extremely refreshing, and the constant wind makes the road smoother.

Both the ends of the road offer a great bird’s-eye view and are great to watch. You will become grateful and happier in picking this location as your travel destination.

If you are a foodie, then on route to Shimla, you will come across numerous roadside dhabas. They serve savoury, mouth-watering, and great food.

Mumbai to Pune

The Mumbai to Pune Highway is considered the most alluring and prominent route for travellers who loves road trips instead of rail or air.

It is the route a must-have on your travel list that you can explore by hiring a tempo traveller.

The quaint mountains, tender alpine winds, bird’s-eye landscapes and exuberant greenery make this trip a remarkable experience. The trip from Mumbai to Pune takes about two hours.

The entire distance you cover here is ninety-three km, heading to the most attractive destination – Lonavala.

You will find a few great food joints on your way to Pune. Here you will enjoy some delicious food at the most cost-effective prices.

Vishakapatnam to Araku valley

Travelling from Vishakapatnam, now called Vizag, to Araku Valley is one of the most exclusive road trips.

It showcases the most stylish bond between Vishakhapatnam’s Eastern Gorst Mountains and the Gulf of Bengal.

Sounds incredible, right?

The preserved beauty entrances the first-time travellers on this route.

The experience is amazingly comforting. It intrigues the travellers about the roadside beauties and landscapes.

It is a great road trip when you travel to India. You will love those winding roads, benign climbs, and the inviting calmness of the hills. The trip will leave a forever mark down your memory lane.

The total distance covered is 116 km, and reaching here takes three hours.

Guwahati to Tawang

Guwahati and Tawang are the most vital parts of the Northeast Indian Territory. The distance between the two is 520 km. If you are searching for extreme challenges in your travel, then Tawang and Guwahati are perfect.

However, the beauty that spans the region will keep you amazed!

Hiring a tempo traveller will make your travel easier.

The road is quite long and involves making two stops. You can reach this destination in two days.

How to Hire a Tempo Traveller to Travel India?

While you plan on hiring the cheapest tempo traveller in India, perform the right search. You will come across several tempo travellers.

However, hiring one who is reputed is important.

Ensure to keep in mind the following if you plan to travel to India:

  • Inspect if the service provider is convenient and well-equipped. When you do not analyse, you will face all kinds of inconveniences making your trip unpleasant.
  • Ensure the chauffeurs know their destination well.
  • They need to have proper knowledge of walking you through the places you travel.
  • Check the seating capacity of the tempo traveller. Also, inform the service provider about the number of people planning to travel.


When you plan for road trips to travel to India, make sure that you create some great memories. You will encounter exceptional experiences while enjoying the landscapes and scenic beauties on the route.

To have a well-fulfilled holiday in India, make sure that you are picking the best-reputed tempo traveller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a tempo Traveller offer comfort for long routes?

If you plan to make your travel comfortable and safe, then Tempo Traveller is your option.
The tempo travellers offer restful, luxurious interiors with sufficient legroom.

What is the seating capacity in a tempo Traveller?

Whenever you plan to travel to India as a tempo traveller, you should know that this luxurious minibus has a seating capacity of 12 to 30 individuals.
These minibuses arrive with several features to ensure comfort for their passengers.

How safe is a Tempo Traveller for night journeys?

The reputed tempo travellers ensure your complete safety even during the night trips.

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