Are You Looking For India Cycle Tours?

Posted On April 9th, 2019

Are You Looking For India Cycle Tours?

Are You Looking For India Cycle Tours?

Cycle Tours India – Known the world over as one of the finest tourist destinations, thousands of people tour India each year. From this has resulted eco-tourism and adventure tourism. Though many tourists fly or take trains to different parts of the country, yet increasingly there are others who want to explore this country at a slower and more natural pace. One way of doing this is by taking Cycle Tours India.

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Advantages of cycling tours (Cycle Tours India):

  • It’s a great way of seeing a place while exercising and enjoying both.
  • You can get the best out of every destination, up close and personal.
  • By sharing bicycle time and being part of a cycle tour, you make new friends.
  • It’s a stress-free way of touring—no buses or planes to catch.
  • You can enjoy a tour no matter what the terrain may be.
  • On the health front, cycling makes your brain grow, help you take up challenges, work hard, remain committed and give results. Overall, you become a stronger person.

So, if you’re keen on cycling, you should opt for Cycling Tours India and enjoy the stimulating experiences they throw up.

Cycle Tours in India: You may be a hard-core cyclist or just an amateur, if you like to get around on your bike, wherever you may be, you might like to explore certain destinations and routes that are perfect for cycle tours in India. Here they are:

  • Himachal Cycle Tours India: The landscape of this beautiful state offers innumerable opportunities for cycling expeditions of varying lengths. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery as you cycle along the verdant scapes of Kinnaur to the cold regions of Lahaul and Spiti to the charming hill station of Manali. If you’re a slow-paced biker, you’re going to enjoy riding through Kulu as its pathways in the valley lead you to thick pine forests, pretty orchards and vast & green fields.
  • Sikkim: To explore the beauty of Sikkim, don’t take a train or car. Cycle through its meandering roads, hill sides and much more, even if you take a slow-paced ride on its mountain roads. As you cycle along, you’ll come across ancient monasteries, snow-capped mountain peaks and much more.
  • Manali to Leh: If you’re passionate about cycling, you must take this tour from Manali to Leh. At the least, the cycling path on this route stands at 3978 m, while the highest is 5602 m. On your route, you get to see majestic mountain peaks, hairpin bends, frozen glaciers, ancient monasteries, verdant valleys, pure crystal lakes and much more.
  • Kumaon: With the lofty Himalayas as your backdrop, cycling in the Kumaon region can be a unique experience. You could be cycling in Almora district, which has a cycling track in the valleys here, where you come face to face with beautiful rivulets, towns and villages, each charming in its own way.

You can also Cycle Tours India up to important temples and wildlife sanctuaries and see leopards, barking deer, wild boar and other animals. On your tour, you can visit these places too: Kathgodam, Kaladungi, Chargolia, Bhatrajkhan, Kotabag, Bageshwar, Ranikhet, Someshwar, Kausani, Binta, Imora, Delhi etc.

  • Rajasthan Cycle Tours India: Explore the rustic and urban beauty of this royal state, which presents a vast desert, folk songs, legends, dances and cuisine that are at the heart of the people here. If you go on India Cycle Tours of Rajasthan, you will come across all of this and much more. Embark on a comfortably-paced cycling tour of the state, passing through the Thar Desert and on to the fascinating palaces and forts here.

You can also ride through the small villages of Rajasthan, sharing road space with water buffaloes, camels and goats. You can see and marvel at the wonders of this state through the eyes of a cyclist and be drawn to its rich cultural heritage.

  • Goa: If you thought Goa was all beaches and nothing more, think again. You’ll be left gasping for more when you realize the fun you can have exploring this vibrant state on your cycling tour. You can take a tour from Panaji and Ribandar once you get on to a ferry that takes you to the island of Divar. Your tour begins when you reach Royal Road and ride up the hill at Choraofrom where you can see spectacular views of the River Mandovi.

Another fascinating tour you can take in Goa would begin again from Panaji and will introduce you to old Goa and its equally old colonies. You will come face to face with some exquisite monuments that will tell you a slice of Goa’s unique history.

  • Delhi: There are so many fascinating legends and stories connected with the different parts of Delhi that a cycling tour is the best way of capturing all of them. On your cycle, you can easily come across and stop in front of the historical monuments here, the ruins, the narrow cobbled lanes and the majestic monuments that lend grace & charm to our national capital, such as Red Fort, Parliament House, Rajpath, Jama Masjid, ChandniChowk, etc.
  • Garhwal: The unspoiled beauty of the Garhwalregion of the Himalayas, situated in Uttarakhand state, beckons you to discover her. This trip is a superb mix of Nature and adventure as you discover not just Nature at her most beautiful but also several pilgrim centres here. If your love for the outdoors extends to being a wildlife enthusiast, you can head over to the Jim Corbett National Park and spend some time here admiring the animal life here. And yes, don’t forget to revel in the majesty of the snow-capped Himalayas here.
  • Ladakh: Cycling in Ladkah can be a heavenly experience with the mountains all around you, the glacial rivers, finding their way through the verdant valleys, rich with fruit orchards. You can also come across camels and other mountain animals. AS a cyclist, you will revel in the scenic landscapes here as pedal your way in the heart of this mountainous region.

Best time of the year to go on cycle tours India: To know when and where you can go cycling depend on the terrain and the region. For example, you can go cycling in the north-east states anytime between May and September and Rajasthan anytime between November and February.

If the idea of visiting any of these places on your bike grabs you, please visit a widely experienced tour operator who can draw up a tour for you that you can accomplish in a few days’ time. One such tour operator is Japji Travel who will find out your needs and fix a tour accordingly. If you have any special needs, we will accommodate those too in your plan. We will spend a lot of time trying to understand what your aims are from this tour and plan a safe, scenic and easy route so that you get the most out of this tour. If you think you would like to meet up with us, please click on and make an appointment with us soon. After all, if you plan ahead with us, you stand to gain early bird discounts.

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