3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Hiring A Tempo Traveller

Posted On November 1st, 2022

3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Hiring A Tempo Traveller

A tempo traveller is a great option for small businesses looking to expand their workforce, and you don’t need to be big time to make use of one either. But before you go out looking for the first one you see, there are some mistakes that you might be making that could seriously hurt your business and your reputation. Learn from these mistakes so that they don’t cost you any opportunities with tempo traveller in the future!

Hire Tempo Traveller Before You Need Someone

It is always a good idea to hire ahead of time because you never know how much work will come in and when it will come in. If you have a steady flow of work, but then receive an unexpected spike in demand, you might not be able to get the help you need. Having one or two people on your team who can take on extra work for short periods of time can save you from scrambling for last-minute help.

Do Your Research First Before Hire Tempo Traveller

Before hiring a freelancer tempo traveller, make sure you do your research first. Read the company’s reviews, call their references, check out their portfolios and make sure they have the skills and experience to get the job done. That way you know that they are qualified to take on your project.

Don’t Act Like a Control Freak

you might be making is to act like a control freak. Remember, the goal of hiring a tempo traveller is to give your team some relief and to allow someone else to do something that you are struggling with. It’s not a chance for your team member to show up late, or not at all. The second mistake you might be making is not documenting what needs to happen when they arrive.

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