A weekend package to Ranthambore

Posted On April 22nd, 2017

A weekend package to Ranthambore



In Northern India, Ranthambore National Park is known as  one of the largest Tiger Reserve Forest which is covering an area of 392 sqkm. Apart from having a large population of tiger, Ranthombor is also famous for presence of various wild animals such as leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, and many more are there on the list. This park is located in the Sawai Madhopur district. This National park is well known for its huge population of tiger and this project was started in the year 1973. If you are an asventure lover who is also in love with wildlife then this reserve forest is waiting for your visit

So, if you are planning to have a nice trip in Ranthambore, then it is necessary to have necessary details so that you can book  the package from a reputed travel agent. Let us have day wise details of the complete Ranthambore package which we can offer you for a memorable trip.

  • Day one: The journey starts from Sawai Madhopur district. The travelers will be picked up from the Delhi for Nizamuddin Railway Station. After reaching at Sawai Madhopur, the travelers will be sent to Wildlife Resort. After finishing lunch, the tourists will be taken to visit the famous Ranthambore Fort. The dinner will be done at the resort.
  • Day two: The journey to visit the park will start after completing the breakfast. The travelers will be able to visit the wildlife within this National Park.
  • Day three: The travelers will be taken to the National Forest long in the early morning and breakfast will be here within the resort. After having breakfast, the travelers will be sent to Sawai Madhopur Station.

Tips for Ranthambor  Trip

So, if you are deciding to go for a journey for Ranthambor then there are certain security measures too which are required to be taken into consideration. Here we can take a look at the dos and don’ts those are to be followed by every traveler while having a week end tour.

  • The travelers need to follow the guidelines and rules implemented within the park
  • Instructions of the forest officials are required to be followed in a proper way
  • Silence is required to be maintained within the park so that the inhabitant do not feel any disturbance
  • It is also requested to wear cloths with sober colors such as brown or green. This is because, if you wear bright colors then animals may get frightened.
  • Travelers are also requested not to use any transistor or radio or tape recorder so that the animals feel any problem.

Well, those are certain things which are to be maintained while you are going to visit Ranthambore National Park.

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