Tips for first time visitors to Goa

Posted On July 15th, 2017

Tips for first time visitors to Goa


It’s great to know that you planned to visit goa for the very first time and want to explore the beauty of the place and enjoy the climate of the beaches to make the experience a memorable one for you. We are sure that by now your bags are packed. But have you checked what you packed properly and if all the important things for a beach side vacation are there in your luggage.  To help you out in this regard here is a checklist for you for a great trip in the sunshine state, Goa.

  • If you are planning to spend most of your vacation time near the beach then it is must for you to carry sunscreen or else you will get badly tanned which will take a long time to recover. In case you recognize that you forget to bring then buy it from a nearby medical shop.
  • While relaxing the body on the beach you may sometime feel the heat of the sun unbearable and so avoid the circumstances all that is important for you is to carry a hat along with a pair of sunglass to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach under sun well.
  • Pack only such outfits which are as per the environment and climatic condition of the destination. Do not forget to carry beach side dress or enjoy the bath in sea water will be badly missed by you. Avoid carrying any heavy dress as many are not aware that the roads of Goa are always not smooth for the first time visitors.
  • Avoid wearing to much jewelry when you are on a trip to Goa as things may turn uncomfortable for you when you take bath in the sea or go for a walk on the beach side after dawn. It’s better to wear junk jewellery.
  • Dont not carry much cash in your pocket as keeping it safe may appear difficult for you in this place. It will be advisable for you to go with debit or credit card as it is easy to carry and safe too.
  • Coming to Goa and not shopping is a perfect NO. When you plan to take back something unique of Goa then it is must to buy cashew nuts, Goa favorite drink fenny, Goa traditional dress, and decorative items of sea shell. Make sure you bargain well  especially in the case if you are buying something in bulk. If you are travelling by air, then confirm from the airport as how much liquor you can carry with you in luggage.
  • If you are fond of sea food then goa is the right destination for you, but it is important that you dine at some good restaurant or bar for quality cooked prawns and other sea fish.

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